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Movienizer 1.8

admin - September 10, 2008

Movienizer 1.8 is a simple and a good movie organizer tool which helps in tracking and researching your personal movie collection.

Pros: If you are a movie buff, Movienizer is a perfect tool to get the movies and the information of the movies well organized. Using the tool you can track and research all the movies that you are interested in. This tool catalogs all your movies, helps you in tracking the movies that you loaned to someone and also helps you in tracking the movies you want to acquire. By just adding a movie name, the tool downloads all the information about that particular movie. If you are not satisfied with the information, you can also edit the info and save it for future reference. You can immediately see what the movie is all about, what others think about it, the movie cast, history of the movie and all the relevant information. If you click on the actor of that movie, the tool displays all other movies of that actor with a brief description of the star.

The tool also lets you download posters and pictures of your favorite actors and movies. With the built-in DVD player you can make your own disc shots and frame snaps. The tool lets you rate movies, download IMDB ratings, and recommend movies according to your taste and preferences. The tool sorts and groups the movies based on any attribute defined. You can group your movies by director or actor. You can sort your movies by titles or by genre. The tool also allows you to customize the grouping or sorting to browse through your collection. The personal movie information’s can also be filtered as Wish Lists, Not Watched, Seen and others. The “loan manager” feature helps keep a track of the movies and who it has been loaned to information. The tool also comes with the facility to build and export the reports in HTML, text, MS Word and MS Excel format.

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