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Anywhere.FM – Listen to your music anywhere

Ciaran Moore - September 25, 2008

Are you a music addict? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had instant access to listen to your own music collection, as small or big as it may be, from any internet connected computer?

The Anywhere.FM player is a Flash program that works in your browser. You’re able to upload and hear your own music, and it lets you listen to others peoples shared music too.

Thinking about the legality of all this? This is fully authorized by the respective performance rights authorities to stream this music, so you don’t have to be worried about attracting any bad karma from questionable legalites. And whenever you discover something you like, they’re linked into Amazon, so you’ll be able to purchase the song or album for yourself if you should decide on it.

Anywhere.FM is a free to use web service and at least at the time of writing, there’s no limitation on how much music you can upload to the service.

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