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The KMPlayer – Your all in one media player?

Ciaran Moore - October 8, 2008

Recently I’ve made a pleasant discovery: The KMPlayer. It’s not just another media player,but,in my opinion,very possibly the ONLY media player you will ever need.

How can I make such a bold claim?

The playback abilities are very impressive; It plays just about every video and audio format you’re likely to ever use (with its own internal codecs as standard, so no downloading messy codec packs!) and it’s very customizable. It can be skinned and a whole lot more (I tend to like the default skin anyway) with all key and mouse actions fully customizable.

It also has very good subtitle support, and a neat option to have the subtitles only show on the black bars, underneath your movie instead of over it. As far as audio goes, it has some features which are very directly infuenced by winamp such as the same kind of winamp options,playlist support and it’s even compatible with some winamp plug-ins! Audio streaming is supported too so you can listen to your favorite radio stations online.

It has a very extensive list of options which can be customized to your liking with just a little experimentation. I liked it so much, I uninstalled winamp and my dvd/media player. Maybe you will too? Let me know!

Check out the official forum where you can read more info and download the latest version.

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