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O. James Samson - November 24, 2008

LangOver is a software program that is perhaps not as useful to the wide range of internet users as some other programs might be, but the people that find it useful find it extremely useful and for that reason it deserves to be featured here. The latest version of the program, released on November 21st, contains support for more languages as well as a more intuitive setup.

The modern internet world is a world of many languages and for this reason the traditional English keyboard just does not cut it anymore. Some people need to be able to type in multiple languages for their business or personal lives. The LangOver software package allows you to do this and switch back and forth between the languages at will, effectively fixing a keyboarding problem that has plagued non-English users of keyboards for years.

All you have to do is select a specific alphabet to the keyboard that you want to imprint on the keys and press F10 to see the end results. In this way you can change your keyboard keys to correspond to the actual letters for your language and this in turn makes it a lot easier to type things out as they come in. For anyone that speaks a language other than English, this utility is an absolute must have. The fact that it is free just makes it better.

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