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PDFCreator – Free PDF document creator

Ciaran Moore - November 26, 2008

Although they may not be the best thing in the entire universe, PDF files are surely allowed to be included in amongst some of the most practical things ever in the computer universe. They are a neat cross-platform file type for letting you have all-in-one text and image files.

As you’re probably aware of by now if you’ve spent any time at a computer, this comes in very useful for many different document types such as ebooks, instruction manuals, etc. Alas, producing those files can be somewhat bothersome, particularly in terms of how costly it can work out.

The full version of Adobe’s PDF creation software will cost you a pretty penny, and in reality you might not require all the features and functions that you’re purchasing with such a pricey package. So how about if you were capable of creating PDFs for a much more attractive price—nothing!

PDFCreator is a freeware program that permits you to produce PDF files on your own pc. It installs as a “virtual printer”, if your able to print a file, you will be able to make a PDF document. One feature is that you’re able to encrypt your files and then when you share them, they can be read, for instance, but no one will be able to copy the content from them or print them. The ability to mix multiple PDFs into one file lets it become simpler to keep track of your info. Additionally, PDFCreator is also able to convert your document files into a few other image formats.

Basically, this is handy and free program for creating PDF files, without all the unncessasary bells and whistles of the costly Adobe alternative. Check out the PDFCreator Homepage.

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