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Process Lasso – Tame those wild processes!

Ciaran Moore - November 26, 2008

At times, computer use tends to involve doing a lot of things at the same time. Browse the internet, check e-mail, calculate a spread sheet, use instant messengers when the boss isn’t looking! etc.etc. Some of the times, as you’ve probably experienced, this makes your computer creep along like a tortoise.

Generally whenever this occurs, it’s because of a program—a process— taking up a good deal more than its fair share of the processor—the computer’s brainpower. Downloading a large file, for instance, can make all else seem to come to a sudden stop. Who would have thought that one task could force all else to have to sit there and wait it out, along with you!

Here is a potential answer to this issue.

Process Lasso is a program for monitoring your computer and what it’s up to. It keeps tabs on what programs are utilizing your CPU’s time, and when it catches one that’s hogging the CPU, it automatically lowers its priority, getting it to be more considerate of the other things that are also running. You are able to manually set it as well, to lower the priority on things you run in the background. Now you will be able to get the things you’re working on done, while background tasks chill out and take their time!

Wanna try it out? Check out the homepage.

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