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GreenPrint – a greener way to print

Ciaran Moore - November 27, 2008

Many full filing cabinets and full wastepaper baskets later, and it looks like an entirely “paperless” office is not as easy as it seems.

I’m sure you’ve probably had the experience of printing things out and ending up having to throw unnecessary pages in the trash immediately. Usually this is due to your mindless printer insisting on printing ever page you don’t need along with the single one you do need, these are usually the ones filled with legal smallprint, etc.

GreenPrint World is an interesting (and free) program that can help you reduce some of the wasted paper in your business or home. It views what you’re printing out and tries to work out if there’s a way to print less.

It’ll show you what’s about to be printed, with the choice of not printing those useless pages, saving you from wasting paper and trees! Get rid of images if all you really need is the text, or vice versa.

A cool feature is how it keeps track of how much paper and ink you’ve saved! Alternatively, it gives you the choice to simply PDF the output, and save all the paper that would have been needed!

You can download this freeware for both pc and mac by visiting the Greenprint website.

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