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Magical Glass – Free screen magnifier tool

Ciaran Moore - November 27, 2008

Ever feel like it’s becoming more and more difficult to see all the information packed onto your computer screen? This is especially true if you’re producing (or editing) images, and really need to adjust or edit it on a pixel-by-pixel level.

This really necessitates being able to increase the size of the images that you’re working with. What would be truly useful in this scenario is an on-screen version of a trusty old magnifying glass. Magical Glass might be the answer you’re seeking.

Comparable with your typical magnifying glass, this “virtual” magnifying glass allows you zoom in on just the area of the screen that you need to be able to see in greater detail for photo or graphics editing, etc, but without completely losing the view of the surrounding screen area as is usually the case with regular “zoom” functions. It has its other uses too, such as using it to blow up the “fine print” at the end of the certain websites, as well as just drilling down to the exact pixels you have to adjust in your images.

It stays out of the way in your system tray until you need to use it, when it can be called up with a hotkey.

Here’s the Magical Glass homepage.

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