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Final Uninstaller 2.0

Tilgore Kraut - December 24, 2008

Final Uninstaller, a professional uninstall tool for your PC, offers a new and better way to completely clean up files and registry entries that were left after unsuccessful un-installation.

Pros: Quite often un-installation of a program is not quite clean and complete. Files remain in the installation directories, registry entries do not get completely cleaned and such other problems remain. These eventually slow down the machine used for such program installation and un-installation. Final Uninstaller is a uninstall software that can delete files from an incomplete un-installation and clean up the registry.

This program uses a leftovers database to ensure implementation of its various functions. Functions include scanning, leftover detection, listing of applications that can be removed and completing the clean un-installation of programs. That helps PC performance to be maintained at optimum levels. The leftovers database is continually updated and thus this application is able to detect leftovers that the windows add/remove program is unable to do reliably.

You are thus able to safely uninstall stubborn drivers that are left by Windows Add/Remove program. It is true of systems services installed.1-click scan and 1-click clean make removing applications and left-over files easy.

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