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StatPlus 2008 Portable

Tilgore Kraut - December 25, 2008

No need to carry a mainframe to perform a complex analysis when you visit a remote lab. Get the full power of a precise data analysis tool always with you. Perform a statistical analysis on-the-fly without carrying a powerful, bulky computer with you.

Pros: This is a statistics lab in a USB flash drive. The application does powerful statistical analysis yet has a small enough footprint to be fitted into a pen drive. No PC or even a laptop need to be carried around. Once plugged in you have the environment you used to operating in. Though light weight it is a fully powered data analysis tool that performs a range of analysis. From basics to complex analysis like GLM ANOVA, non-parametric and regression analysis, Probit and Latin Squares analysis too. The analysis and calculations are compliant with standards such as ISO2602:1980, ISO 2854:1976, and ISO 3207:1975. Get consistent, repeatable, ISO compliant results every time you perform an analysis. Import and export to popular products such as Microsoft Excel and StatSoft Statistica makes StatPlus results and analyses even more compatible.

Most such package are usually very expensive and have a steep learning curve. The interface is simple and quite intuitive. It is in an Excel like format that in itself gives it a high level of familiarity. There’s even a little bit customization you can do to the look and feel when the package comes up after installation. Manipulating data in the spreadsheet environment is quite easy, the same familiar edit tools can be used. The package provides a range of charting/diagramming tools that is useful.

Cons: No problems found. It is for users of course who are familiar with statistical concepts of course.

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