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WeGame – Share your gaming screen-shots and videos

Ciaran Moore - January 11, 2009

WeGame is a video gaming website for gamers to share gaming videos and screen-shots. These can then be commented and rated by others. Lately this site has also brought out a video game recording software also called WeGame.

You’ll need to create an account at the website, but this is free to do. The videos and screen-shots that can be made with the program are saved on your computer with the option of uploading to the website if you should choose so. It also includes an option to automatically upload screen-shots but this can be turned off in the settings.

Creating videos or taking snapshots of your gameplay can be controlled by 2 hotkeys. You can select the quality of the recording , so you can have low quality for faster loading from the web or better quality if you’re just watching it locally from your computer for example.

Well worth checking out if you’re an avid gamer wanting to show off your skills!

Check out the WeGame site here

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