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Geemail – Desktop Client For Gmail

O. James Samson - February 24, 2009

Gmail, Google’s answer to free email services of Yahoo, AOL and MSN when it was released easily became one of the most popular email service in the world. Aside from being made by Google, it’s friendly interface, additional options and continuously increasing storage capacity its no wonder why Gmail became a sought after email client. Although Gmail could be integrated to POP and IMAP for Microsoft Outlook, users still wish to have the actual version of Gmail to be fully available in their desktop – an application without a browser. To answer that need, Google launched an application for offline Gmail using Gears (Google Desktop Plug-in).

But if you’re looking for something faster and more Gmail-like, consider the application called GeeMail. Compared to Gears-based application, this is a lot faster. With a decent connection, you can easily download more than a thousand of emails although it starts with the test first and the attachments later. Some functionality is only available when the application is online especially its labeling function.

The good thing about GeeMail is based on the fact that you can compose an email or respond to new emails even if you’re offline. Of course, it will only proceed to send the email of you is able to reconnect to the internet. The user interface is also very user friendly as it uses the old version of Gmail.

The downside of the application is that it doesn’t have the search functionality yet. It also uses Adobe AIR which might drag your computer if you don’t have a powerful gadget.

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