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O. James Samson - February 24, 2009

HandyFind Options dialogHandyFind is a very simple application that might be very helpful for some situations. Whenever you need to search for a word in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, etc) and IE, you have to go to find command or press CTRL F. You have to enter the word and press enter to go to that word. You still need to scroll to go to the next area where the word is found.

This problem could be answered by HandyFind. This application will show the word you are looking for as you write them. Instead of going through the problem of pressing “next” and scrolling through the document or website to find the word, this application will help you find the word faster. This is very helpful when you’re using IE since this browser has a rather awkward way of looking for words in the website. With HandyFind, the word is searched as you write and will inform you immediately if the word is not found there.

The application also has an interesting feature: whenever the searched word is part of the URL, you can visit the link by simply pressing enter. This feature is the difference maker for HandyFind.

But HandyFind is an application that wants to oversimplify things. Although it could provide ease of usage for IE, using the application for MS Office applications may not really worth it especially if you’re already familiar with the native “find” functionality. Besides the “find” function in most office applications can find and replace words in the document – a feature not yet found in HandyFind.

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