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CDBurnerXP Pro

O. James Samson - February 26, 2009

CDBurnerXP Pro is a popular software package that has likely been featured here before and the new release that has come out on February 22, 2009, has taken this fantastic piece of software and made it into something that is even better. First and foremost, additional operating software functionality has been added to this software package to make it compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and even Windows 7 in advance of the release of that software package. In addition to that, a number of cosmetic and convenience changes have been made to the software package that allows it to be utilized in a way that is more convenient than many of the proprietary packages available on the market today.

CDBurnerXP Pro has also gained a large amount of functionality in terms of the options that are available when the manipulation of image files or other CD files is concerned. A number of functions that did not work before have also been improved to increase functionality and this software package that started off as a freeware file and remains a freeware file is now starting to gain some very impressive user friendliness that are smoothing out the rough edges it used to have.

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