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Picture2avi Pro

O. James Samson - March 5, 2009

Most operating systems (OS) have a built in functionality to slideshow the pictures in a specific folder. Through the slideshow, users can easily look at different photos without an additional demand. But when you don’t have a computer or a gadget that has the ability to render photos in slideshow, you need to look for options so that you can have a good presentation of photos.

One of the options is to create a movie out of your photos. That could be easily done in a software called Picture2avi pro. Basically this software will enable the user to collect the photos of their choice and render them into movie with a .avi file format.  The .avi format can be read by almost any software with video playing capabilities. There are even standalone video players who have the ability to read .avi files. You won’t need to have a computer to watch the slideshow. You can burn the .avi file into a CD and play it to a compatible player and show it to everyone.

But the end product of the movie is not just your regular changes in the photos. Users can add effects to the presentation. Although the additional effects are very simple such as simple slides, the ease of operation is always assured. The application also detects the codec in your local gadget so that the files will automatically become compatible with your local gadget.

Last but not the least, the acceptable file formats for photos are very impressive. Almost all major file formats will be automatically converted into a .avi file format.

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