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Avira AntiVir Personal

O. James Samson - March 20, 2009

Avira is undoubtedly one of the most powerful anti-virus software in the world. Aside from being free, it’s an application that runs silently in the background, updates are automatic and best of all it will screen virtually everything without even you knowing it.

The challenge for most anti-virus applications is almost the same – the ability to be updated with the latest list of viruses for proper detection. The solution most anti-virus applications do is to automatically download the updates while informing the user about it. Although this process is ok, it will become obtrusive since it will slow down the computer until the update ends. Avira AntiVir Personal on the other hand, will silently run in the background. You’ll just be informed that your “virus database has been updated” without slowing down your computer.

The free version of the application could go a very long way. Everything is protected – from your instant messenger to P2P transactions. Anything malicious would trigger the alarm. Although the sound would be annoying sometimes, this is done to give you a very stern warning that something malicious in your computer is happening. Even the interface is very easy as it only rests in the task bar. Just right click on the logo and control the application from there.

The latest version of Avira AntiVir Personal now comes with anti-adware. This will protect your computer from malicious ads from popping up in your screen. This application is a must download even for new computers to prevent intrusion.

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