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Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete

O. James Samson - March 23, 2009

If you are a wrestling fan and love to number crunch and go through a number of what if scenarios in your head, you are absolutely going to love this extraordinary piece of freeware available online. Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete was released as an update to the previous version of the game with the same name and now includes an interface that allows you to simulate wrestling matches between many different wrestlers from across the ages. Support for 350 different wrestlers exists within this game, allowing you to pick people that might never have fought in real life and go through the ultimate what if scenarios in order to see who the best wrestler of all time actually is.

You can create different championships with this game and even get the wrestlers that win those championships to defend their titles time and time again. You can even create new wrestlers of your own and match them against the best the world has ever seen. With extensive statistical tracking, you can even know exactly what is going on with each wrestler at any given time.

More information about this simulator can be found at

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