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O. James Samson - March 26, 2009

If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) only gives you limited hours in using the internet per month, you are forced to browse as fast as possible. That means there will be times that you can’t use the internet and retrieve the data you need. Of course, you can save the webpages you want to read offline but you can’t save the entire information on that webpage you need.

If you’re in this situation, you need PageNest. In gist, this application let’s you save the webpage for offline access. The data will be stored in your hard disk which could be accessed anytime.

Some would refute the need of this type of application since you can save the data you need online by saving the webpage. But PageNest is not just a way of saving data; it will also save the process on the webpage. This is very important for JavaScript based websites wherein the URL does not change even if the browser has changed its interface.

The uniqueness of PageNest is based on its focus on dial-up users. Dial-up users are usually the ones that needs this application because their time in using the internet is limited and could be cut off. Users can limit the download speed of the application so that the rest of the bandwidth could be used for other purposes.

The webpages saved by PageNest could be accessed either through the built-in browser of PageNest or through your favorite browsers. Even individual files in the webpage could be accessed through PageNest as the files are saved to be available offline.

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