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CactusView 1.0

Tilgore Kraut - March 27, 2009

While sitting alone, we usually find images as our best companions that help us to relive those wonderful moments of our lives once again. But, even slight blemishes and poor image quality can ruin your pleasure of viewing all through. So, why not make your image viewing experience even better by trying out the new CactusView 1.0 software, which facilitates you in viewing as well as editing your images. It’s integrated with wide range of features that enables you to form slideshow, view thumbnail list, and edit your images as per your requirements for giving them attractive and striking appearance.

The console of the CactusView 1.0 opens with a dialog box prompting you to select an image for viewing it. The chosen image is then displayed at the mid of main window with various options placed at the top side. You can easily load different format image files like jpg, j2k, jp2, tif, jpe, png, bmp, ppm, along with gif, ico, wmf, psd, jpeg, pdf, emf, and various others. Using the features associated with the program, you can perform various functions. With the options, you can easily scroll through between previous and next image, view image list in the folder, zoom in/out, rotate the image, and make it best fit to the screen. To make your images look attractive by changing it to lighter or darker shades, and editing contrast, brightness, RGB, colors, enhance image, etc. Even, you can crop the desired image area, safeguard it with watermark, apply sketch effect, black and white, emboss, red eye removal, and more. Add beautiful frames to your images with squares, circles, color lines, fade centre, overlay, flowers, magazine, and different other styles. Along with these, the option range includes annotate, crop, copy to clipboard, EXIF information, IPTC information, magnify, and even more to use. Edit the images and finally form them into a slideshow for fantastic viewing experience.

CactusView 1.0 enables you, in addition to viewing images, to perform basic editing of the images to make correction in order to make them more imposing.

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