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LittleFox – Firefox add-on

O. James Samson - April 17, 2009

LittleFox is a simple add-on to your Firefox browser that will definitely change the way you interact with this very popular browser. The popularity of small laptops or “netbooks” featuring 7-inch screens has made this browser a little bit cramped. Firefox could be integrated with toolbars which are very important but could easily take space in a small laptop. With LitteFox, the browser will be automatically minimized to barebones. Since it’s an add-on, it will require little to no disk space as this will be integrated to your Firefox browser.

After successful installation, the Firefox browser will become smaller in terms of available functions. Shortcuts and notification to some online applications are added such as Gmail, RSS Reader, and StumbleUpon will be available while offline applications such as download status and calendar are also integrated. Basically, everything you need in your browser is there except that the screen will be relatively larger.

There are two downsides for LittleFox. First is that is only geared for very specific users. To be able to fully appreciate what this small application could do you need to have the following: a small laptop (preferably a 7-inch), use the Firefox as your default browser and uses Gmail as your default email application. The second problem in the application is that it’s only being developed by one person that means upgrades and adaptation to the recent version of Firefox may not be implemented fast.

If you’re looking to save some space in your browser, this little application will greatly help. It might be challenging to customize but it’s very efficient in its main function.

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