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Earth Alerts – Monitor natural hazard events

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Earth Alerts is a Windows program that lets you monitor in almost real-time an assortment of natural hazard events that are happening anywhere around the world (although currently the program is mainly U.S.based).

Alert notifications, reports, and imaging offer you a handy way to survey natural phenomenon as they come about, whether close to home or some distant corner of the world. This program includes basic atmospheric condition (weather to you and me) tracking features such as National Weather Service alerts, current conditions, local forecasts and radar/satellite imagery.

So if geology, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes and storms is what gets you excited, this might be worth checking out!

Visit the homepage here.


Friday, April 24th, 2009

Developed by the same creators of BearShare (a popular P2P file sharing tool), BearFlix is a P2P sharing tool designed specifically for videos. If you’re a BearShare user, you’ll be able to use the application in no time. The interface and commands are almost the same with a few tweaks so that it could adapt to video downloads.

But even though you’re not familiar with BearShare, you can still use this application with ease. Like BearShare, you will be required to create an account online which could be done in the application. After signing-up you can use the search tool to locate your preferred videos. The application could connect you to websites that offer free videos wherein you can download them directly from the website. As a P2P tool, videos shared and uploaded by members could be available for download at the same time. The application also offers automatic resume so that you can switch off your computer and continue your download as soon as you are back online.

BearFlix could also be used as a video player. However, the application still relies on the installed video players in your computer for codecs. That means if you don’t have an installed video player that could read H.264, then BearFlix will not be able to read the specific file type.

Although BearFlix is a very impressive application for video file sharing, being limited to videos only is its main disadvantage. Many users still prefer P2P applications that could share more than just videos. On the other hand, this application could greatly compliment your BearShare application.

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What You Own Home Inventory

Friday, April 24th, 2009

What You Own Home Inventory is a free application that allows users to create a complete list of the properties found in their home. A home inventory application helps users in monitoring the costs of their property which is very helpful in many ways. For example, you’ll have increased efficiency in cost control in your home as you provide important data regarding your spending.

But the software is not just a simple inventory tool that lets you list down the things that you own. Take pictures of the things you own at home and import them in this software. As you create a list, you can categorize them according to their location or create a separate category for easy searching. Through the categories, you can easily search for the object or use the search tool in the application.

Information such as pricing, date of purchase, product description and even place of purchase could be added manually in the application. If you have an online copy or at least written down the receipt in PDF or DOC; you can import these files for more information about the product your own. You can even take photos of the things you own and upload them in your application.

The interface of What You Own Home Inventory is very simple. It uses a familiar interface when you need to open or edit files. Shortcuts on important functions are also provided so that you can interact with the application as soon as you download the application. A print command is also available in case you want a hard copy of the data you just uploaded.

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Friday, April 24th, 2009

CodySafe is a portable application (could be installed in a USB Flash Drive) that works as a launcher of other portable applications. This application emulates the functionality of the “Start Menu” in PC wherein it provides a familiar interface if you want to easily launch applications. This tool is highly recommended if you have portable applications in your USB.

CobySafe could be downloaded for free with additional portable applications such as Skype Portable or XMPlayer. All you need to do is to install the application in your Flash Drive and you can launch the application in the folder.

The main feature of CobySafe is its ability to automatically detect applications in your Flash Drive. If you already have portable applications installed in your flash dive, CobySafe will detect the applications. Click on “Start” of the application and you’ll be able to see the shortcuts of the portable applications in the start menu.

Customization is also possible through Applications Management and Autorun Management tabs. In Applications Management, you can categorize the application, rename it, remove the application and even change the image. The Autorun Management tab will help you identify which application should be placed on top of the order for easier access.

The application launcher is fully compatible to most portable applications. Aside from the official website of the application, users can also download from other sources. The portable application launcher will automatically detect the installed the application and make the necessary adjustments. It’s a very user friendly application that helps you access your portable applications in your flash drive.

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HDClone Free Edition

Friday, April 24th, 2009

As the name suggests, HDClone (HD for Hard Disk) Free Edition is a tool used to back-up the contents of the hard disk. This is a very important tool since important files, pictures and videos could be lost in an instant if your hard disk fails to work properly. Through this application, you can back-up your data and still access them even if your hard disk failed to work.

This free edition extends the functionality of a hard disk cloning tool. Aside from data back-up, the entire OS installation will be migrated as well. This means you can run your computer to retrieve the important files with the same OS even though your hard disk will not work. This application could also clone the partition and transfer them to another partition in the same hard disk. In case your original partition will not work, the cloned information in another partition could be used. The partitioning of hard disk even expands automatically in case your cloned partition is not enough to hold the entire data (for FAT and NTFS only).

This application could work in any type of hard disk and connection. If your memory card can handle the entire OS and data of your PC, you can even back-up your data in memory card. That also includes USB flash memory and even SSD (Solid State Drive) which is very popular in many netbooks. Cloning speed for the free edition could peak 600MB per minute. This speed should be more than enough for home use.

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Russell Patterson Alarm

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Transform your simple PC into a very powerful alarm clock with this simple application. Russell Patterson Alarm is an easy-to-install alarm clock for PC which will definitely help you wake up or at least have a alarm clock in your PC. The application is very small so you’ll be able to use the application right after download.

The application comes with a default sound which will surely wake you up. Frankly, the sound is a little bit annoying. But it does its job in waking you up because of the noise.

On the other hand, you don’t have to be limited with the default sound with this application. Select an MP3 or WMA file or even a playlist so that the alarm sound would be in the form of your favorite music. The looks of the application is also changeable as different themes are available along with the download. You can even configure the music to slowly fade in as a soft reminder or alarm.

The only downside of the application is on the alarm increment. The application will only let you set the alarm every 15 minutes in an hour. But that could be resolved as you can set the snooze depending on your preferences. You can even launch the application more than once so that you can have two or more alarm clocks in your desktop. The application comes with an automatic update scanner for the application but you can still disable this feature if you don’t want to scan for more updates.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Gmail is one of the most popular email clients today. Offering more than 7GB of free space to their users, the email client has become the preferred online application by small and large scale businesses worldwide.

But the online application’s capability could even be pushed further with a small application called Gspace. This small application is a Firefox extension (requires updated Firefox browser) and through this tool, you can upload and download data directly to your Gmail account. The application is installed in the browser and could be launched in the tools tab. Gspace is launched in a separate window in the browser. After providing your username and password, you can easily drag and drop the files that you want to your Gmail. The files you want will show up in your email as an attached file. You can also remove files from your email using the same application.

The interface in the browser is very impressive. You’ll be provided with four folders which serve as shortcuts for browser based applications. File Transfer will help you control the files in your Gmail account, Player Mode is for music, Photo Mode for pictures and Gmail Drive if you have multiple Gmail accounts.

Although the application is very impressive, usage of this application should be limited. Google offers Gmail primarily as an email account and not a file transfer protocol or FTP. If you use Gmail too much or transfer more than 1GB of file in one day, your email might be frozen by Google. But this application is very useful if you want to transfer smaller files to your Gmail without accessing your account.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

TeamViewer is a free application that allows users share files and their desktop. The application could also be used to control computers remotely. It’s one of the few applications today that offers premium services for desktop sharing without any fees.

The most impressive feature of TeamViewer is the ease of configuration. There are other desktop sharing applications that require knowledge of firewall configuration, IP and general networking. This usually creates confusion not to mention frustration for beginners. But TeamViewer do not require any advanced knowledge in computer networking. After installation, you can sign up in TeamViewer wherein you’ll be provided with a unique ID. To share your desktop, you can install TeamViewer on another computer, sign up with a separate account and enter your unique ID to begin sharing.

TeamViewer could also be used to launch presentations. Instead of simply showing your desktop, you can launch your Excel or PowerPoint files and it will show in full screen mode on other computers.

Aside from desktop and file sharing, TeamViewer could be used as a communication platform. The unique ID of different users could be added to your “partners list” so that you don’t have to ask for their ID again and again.

The features do not end there: network administrators could use this application to remotely control a computer. A web based application is also available so that you can access your computer wherever you are. TeamViewer is a very powerful application that does not require any extensive knowledge from their users.

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Video Converter Tool

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

In case you have brought a new multimedia device, such as iPod or PSP, it is quite likely that you would want to fill them with your favorite videos. However, at times the transferred videos couldn’t be played on the devices as the content format might be an incompatible one. Well, in such a situation a video conversion tool can be of great help. If you are yet to get hold over a functional video conversion tool, then Video Converter Tool could be the one for you. The utility boasts of sophisticated features enabling you to convert your videos within AVI, MOV, MPEG, Divx, WMV, 3GP, Xvid, MKV, MP4, etc. Along with the converting the videos, the utility also facilitates you to extract audio files from videos into MP3, M4A, AAC, or AC3 files. The tool also associates various configurations relating the selected output format and the conversion process.

Coming to the features and conversion process of Video Converter Tool it is gratifying to note that the console has been designed neatly and the conversion process requires just a few simple selections. The conversion process can be carried out smoothly, and it begins with the selection of input video file, after which the program automatically grabs the filename. You’re also provided options; Recycle Input File(s) and Batch Conversion, which you can enable according to your requirement. Next move in the process is to set the Output folder for storing the converted file. While choosing the output folder, you can specify a desired destination or set to save the converted file into input folder, and also can enable opening output folder on process completion. Further, you require choosing output format from the provided variety, which is followed by the selection of Volume selection, Output Size, and enabling Play after Conversion. In addition, it integrates video and audio codecs that help you assign desired attribute to the output video and audio file. Finally, click ‘Convert’ to permitting application to begin the conversion process.

With the Video Converter Tool you can easily convert your video into required format, and also can also extract audio files from the video files.

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Paradox Converter 1.20.1

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Paradox is an RDBMS that is being used by many database administrators in order to keep proper data records. However, copying specific data tables for your presentation or any other purpose could prove to be a time consuming affair. The process often goes long from access required Paradox database followed by copy-pasting the necessary data to an Excel or CSV file. This could even give a lousy appearance due to messed up columns and rows. Nonetheless, there’s an assistant that can help you complete the task neatly and effectively convert your Paradox database into different format files. Simply try using Paradox Converter 1.20.1 application that provides you with an uncomplicated process to convert your Paradox database files into XLS (MS Excel), DBF, HTML, CSV, or SQL. It further associates supportive configurations allowing you to derive output with desired attributes.

With the Paradox Converter 1.20.1 application, you’re provided with an easy to use wizard-style interface. For carrying out the Paradox database conversion process, select a db file from your system. The next option following it is for choosing the Output destination for storing the resulting file, along with which you also have to specify the filename and the format you prefer saving the output file in. Now press ‘Next’ that takes you to the further configurations relating Filter, columns to be excluded, and provides different other options to help you decide what data is required to be converted. After setting the necessary configurations, now it’s turn of the program to perform the data conversion. You’re work gets even lighter as the utility also supports batch conversion, where you can choose folder containing dbf files, output folder and file format for the conversion process.

Using the Paradox Converter 1.20.1 software, it becomes a cakewalk to take out the required data tables from Paradox database in the appropriate file format.

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