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O. James Samson - June 28, 2009

There are many Twitter clients that are free for download and most of them are highly efficient in this specific function. However, a few of this type of application could match the capability of Spaz – a very simple Twitter client with very impressive functions.

Spaz is multi-platform client. That means the application has versions for desktop as well as mobile gadgets. The application can also work in any form of operating system including various versions of Linux. The only requirement is Adobe-AIR in order for real time streaming of information in the client. Even though AIR is proprietary, the source code for the client is open source which means variations could be created for personal or business use without any licensing required from the original developers of Spaz.

Popular tools associated with Twitter are also available in Spaz. Real-time search for previous posts is available. Users can also connect their short URL creation account in Spaz to automate the process. Almost every Short URL tools are applicable in Spaz. While users can shorten the URL, Spaz can also decrypt the shortened URL for better understanding of the post. Spaz also offers various themes and as an open source application, users can also create their themes for more personalization.

The downside of Spaz is the same with other Twitter clients. Because the application uses Adobe AIR, the application will require a relatively powerful gadget. Make sure that your computer can handle AIR or else the Twitter client may work but with the cost of slowing down everything else.

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