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Evil Player

O. James Samson - June 29, 2009

Most media players take time before they are completely launched in computers. Since the application needs to interact with other applications in the computer, it will require time before it is completely usable. The resources required for these applications are also high which could slow down other applications especially on low powered gadgets.

Evil Player tries to be different from the crowd. One of the lightest media player applications today, Evil Player is less than 1mb which means the application could run in your system in less than a minute. Because it’s very light, the footprint or the required resources to run the application at an optimal level is very small.

But even though the application is lightweight, the features are never lacking. Its audio support is very impressive as it can play most popular audio formats such as OGG, WAV and MP3. Visualization and playlists could also be implemented which gives additional experience of the audio being played.

Aside from being an audio player, the application is also an efficient radio streaming tool. Shoutcast and could be easily streamed through this simple application. The application also has a recorder function in case you want to record the audio coming out from and Shoutcast.

The only downside of Evil Player is the lack of video support. While additional plug-ins are available, they are only for audio enhancement. On the other hand, this is a highly recommended application if you are looking for a simple but very efficient audio player.

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  1. jenny Says:

    Good software, I have one software to recommend too. It’s Desktop Gather, you can use it listen to the music very easily. And it’s small but helpful.

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