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Virtual Dimension

O. James Samson - June 30, 2009

Virtual Dimension is a unique application because it offers a different way of desktop virtualization. This free, open source application allows users create unlimited virtual desktops in their application. Each desktop will have unique environment since you can customize each desktop with different a wallpaper, icons, running applications and shortcuts for applications. All of these advantages could be experienced even though the application is less than 500kb in size.

Transferring from one desktop to another is very easy. Shortcuts to virtual desktops are provided in the system tray or a shortcut could be added on the desktop. Each shortcut could be always on top so that users will not have click on the system tray. Previews on other desktops is also added which means you do not have to transfer from one desktop to another just to know the running applications. Hotkeys can even be assigned per desktop for easier access. A single key could even become a shortcut to another desktop.

An impressive feature of Virtual Dimension is its ability to place icons on each window shortcut. The icons signify the number of applications currently running in various desktops. Each virtual desktop will also be saved and could be retrieved when the desktop restarts.

While the number of virtual desktop is unlimited, it will still depend on the capability of the local gadget. If you’re computer is relatively weak, then the number of virtual desktops it can hold without slowing down is also smaller. But for a powerful desktop computer, the possibilities are almost endless.

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2 Responses to “Virtual Dimension”

  1. Gauss Says:

    Hi there. I like a lot this tool for Windows XP, but I have a doubt, hoping you could know the answer: Do you know how to force the keyboard shortcuts to be saved for every time the PC is started? Sometimes just one is saved, I wonder why. It’s annoying to reasign my shortcuts every time a turn on the PC. Thanks!

  2. Sinan Says:

    I couldn’t find the option to have different icons on different desktops. You sure the program have this option??

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