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Thursday, June 25th, 2009

ISO, RAW, CUE and BIN are installation files that needed to be burned in CDs or DVDs first before they can be installed in specific computers. These files will require a blank CD, a CD burning application with ISO burning feature and the right hardware to implement these operations. These processes could take time and funds especially if the computer does not have the right hardware to burn CDs and DVDs.

This problem could be easily solved by a simple application called WinCDEmu. This application will emulate the functions of CD and DVD hardware with writing (burning) capabilities. The ISO, RAW, CUE and BIN files will be read as installation files. That means you don’t need to burn them on a CD just to initiate installation. The application will automatically read the said files and allow the user full installation.

In order to do this process, the application will create a virtual CD/DVD drive. The virtual drive will detect all these files that could be installed in the application. All the user needs to do is to click the files to initiate the installation. WinCDEmu will allow the user to implement everything without a CD or DVD hardware. Traditional installation could also improve because the application will automatically detect the image in the CD required for installation.

While WinCDEmu eases the operation of application installation, it may require a relatively powerful computer. A virtual drive will require a lot of resources from the user’s computer. But with the rapid improvement of specifications of computers today, WinCDEmu could run in most computers with ease.

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USBDeview – USB device manager

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Chances are, you have at least a couple of USB devices connected to your computer at times. It’s a given nowadays to have flash drives, portable hard discs, printers,MP3 players, and other devices regularly connecting through USB ports; So chances are,you’ve likely got rather a few by now. Would you like to know how many, and be able to keep track of what they’re doing?

USBDeview is a program for maintaining a watch over everything USB on your computer. It doesn’t just report on USB devices currently attached — device name, type of device, connection status — it also keeps a database of things previously connected too. Do you want to uninstall a device? This program can help you out. How about disconnecting something currently connected? It can help you do that too. You’ll even be able to keep track of USB devices connected to a remote machine too! assuming you’re logged-on as an Administrator.

What’s more, its freeware, so if you wanna take it for a test ride and you enjoy it, it’s yours to keep.

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CyeWeb One Channel

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Convert your computer and webcam into a CCTV camera with this simple software. CyeWeb One Channel is a free application that could be used to actively monitor the surroundings. The video output of the free application could be streamed via Windows Mobile Broadcast which eases launching of the application for many Windows-based OS. This one channel CCTV is even better than standard monitoring tool since it can also record audio as long as the webcam is equipped with the right hardware.

CyeWeb One Channel also has the ability to tag certain events in monitors. This allows easier playback since the application will create a bookmark on the times where event occurred. This feature is very useful as it will allow easier search on the recorded video.

One of the many user concerns of this type of application is on the required space to store videos. CyeWeb One Channel answers that problem through full configuration of the application. Users can choose between 60fps (frames per second) which requires a hard disk with a relatively large storage capacity or they can select a 5fps configuration will not require a lot of storage on a computer. Colors could even be configured so that the application will not require too resources from the computer.

Other functions of the application are the scheduler, auto-email alerts, ease of playback and visual mapping of the timeline. It is also built in with motion detectors which complements the tagging feature of the application. You can also try their 8-channel version for 14-days if you want to have the full featured version of the application.

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Skiffer is a very simple but very useful security application geared for email messages. The application is used to encrypt messages that could be only read by the appointed reader. The application comes with a key that should be shared by two users (the sender and recipient) in order for the email to be read.

The interface of the application is very simple since users will just enter the information they want to be encrypted in the application. A key will be generated on the first use of the application which can only be shared to one person. No one can read the email – except for the user who has the key.

Aside from encrypting the message, Skiffer also comes with a plug-in that could be used in MS Outlook 2003 and 2007. It works like the stand-alone application but it uses the interface of MS Outlook. The only challenge on the plug-in is when you have too many contacts. Since the application could only be used for one person only, the plug-in could be confused and used for those who cannot read the email. A little bit of practice is required before the plug-in could be fully used in MS Outlook.

Although the application is very easy to use, it might not work well for users who are not familiar with encryption. It would take time before the application is fully configured in both ends. But as soon as the encryption key is shared, the application could be used without any problem.

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Kwok Information Server

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Control projects, monitor used applications and get consistent updates with this very small but useful application. Kwok Information Server allows various users to update their projects without the need to actively inform project managers. Everything the project manager has to know about the status of the project is available in the application.

Aside from active monitoring of the projects, problems reported such as bugs could be easily addressed as the project manager can reassign projects through this application. Users will have active updates about the project and should be provided with details instantly regarding their assignments

The ease of information streaming between users is based on two features: the application uses Java-based interface so real time interaction should be expected and the application also use browsers so that no further configuration is required from users. Kwok Information Server is practically a web-based application that allows streaming information among project manager and developers. Administrators could even write blogs which could be used to update users regarding the status of the application or simply anything the project manager wants to say.

Project managers can also monitor the applications used in project development. But aside from knowing the tools, project managers will also know if some applications are unlicensed. Applications that are rarely used can also be verified from the application.

Contact information of those involved in the project can also be edited from the application. Although it requires manual entry of contacts, the data entered can be easily extracted. Contacts could even be exported as CVS so that it could be read by applications that recognizes the file format.

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Panda USB Vaccine

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

USB devices offer portability and durability of storing files and even applications. However, the USB device has become major hub for different viruses as they can auto-run in a computer. The virus can easily inject itself in the gadget especially if the user does not have an active anti-virus application.

The problem of viruses from automatically running from the USB device could be prevented with a simple application called Panda USB Vaccine. In gist, the function of the application is to prevent the USB device from auto-running in computers. This will allow user to run the anti-virus application in the specific USB device before it could be read by the computer. This might seem very simple but disabling the auto-run feature for USB devices is very difficult since Windows OS wanted this feature to allow easy installation of applications.

Panda USB Vaccine also comes with a small application called Computer Vaccination. This application works almost the same as Panda USB Vaccine. However, its focus is on other external device that might come with potentially harmful applications. CDs, DVDs and other external USB devices will be prevented from automatically running in the computer in order to prevent harmful auto-run applications in the computer.

The interface of Panda USB Vaccine is very simple. After installation, the interface gives you two options: run the USB Vaccine or PC Vaccination. These applications will immediately disable the auto-run features depending on which application you choose. Panda USB Vaccine may not be another anti-virus but it comes with a security feature that will prevent viruses from being installed in your computer.

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Snowbird is a small application that could be used for file search and transfer. At first glance, this application might sound unnecessary since computers already have the capacity to search for specific files and transfer them to various destinations. While this is true, the ability to search and transfer files to different folders might not be as efficient as Snowbird. The default file transfer in computers does not have the capacity to pause and resume transfer of files. Once the user presses “cancel” during file transfer, users have to restart the processes again.

Snowbird is a file transfer application that allows users to pause file transfer. This type of application is very useful when transferring large files from various folders since users can temporarily stop the file transfer in case they need to use the computer. Because of Snowbird’s ability to transfer files efficiently, it might use up a large chunk of resources in the application. The search function of Snowbird is also very efficient since it will aggressively run through the file on the targeted folder. Again, the search function my slow down your computer for the sake of the search function. However, the search tool is very fast so you can sacrifice a small downtime just to get the file you need sooner.

The application may just be limited in two functions: file search and file transfer. But the developers of the application ensure that these functions will be a lot better compared to Windows OS search and transfer tools. The application is also very small as it focuses on file transfer instead of providing interactive features.

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009

While there are millions worldwide who have consistent access to the internet, there are still users who do not enjoy the same accessibility some have. That is why some users opted to save the webpages for future references. But this often causes problems because the ads, pop-ups and other unnecessary information are also opened along with the saved information.

This problem could be prevented with a simple application called CleanPage. The application offers the same features of many content downloading applications with a few extra features that make CleanPage different from other content extractors.

Aside from downloading content without the ads and pop-ups, users can easily browse through the downloaded text because of the search functions. The files are also automatically downloaded in the specified folder for easier access. Users can also use the application to extract the data and send them as email attachments – complete but without the ads and pop-ups. Print and editing functions are also offered along with the application. Zooming on a particular part of the webpage is also a feature of the application.

But there are two more functions that made CleanPage a must download for everyone. The text-to-speech function may sound like a basic feature but it can read files without any trouble. This feature comes with “Sam” voice from Microsoft but other voices could be downloaded for free online. The next function is the speed reading function. It will help you read fast by highlighting the specific text that you need to read. The speed can be easily configured according to your preferences.

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Digitope Multimedia Toolkit 1.0

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Professional photographers keep searching for effectual media editing tools to provide quality results to their clients and customers. Creating a musical slideshow from various images is one such task that pushes them to waste their time in searching a good media editing tool. However, to find suitable application you would require carry out individual search for both, image and music editing tool, and launch each application separately after installation. Well, all these hassles can put to end as you can get five fantastic media editing applications bundled together in Digitope Multimedia Toolkit 1.0. It’s a fantastic package of credible utilities designed for audio recording, recording cassettes and tapes to MP3 and CD, image editing, music editing, along with creating icon and cursor top customize your desktop.

The Digitope Multimedia Toolkit 1.0 comprises of five programs named Media Digitalizer, Pixelshop, Picture Converter, Sound Editor, and Sound Recorder. With the Media Digitalizer tool, you can easily record your favorite audios from a cassette or a tape into CD or MP3 format files, and even can edit them, use encoders for conversion, and burn to CD. Next is Pixelshop utility, using which you can create, edit, and convert wonderful icons and stylish new cursors that can be used with your Vista and XP operating systems, and even with your websites. Further, if you wish to edit your images for the slideshow, then you can try out Picture Converter that facilitates you to gives your images desired size, watermark them with text or logos, and even lets you convert your images between different supported images formats. The next utility in line is Sound Editor that aids you in editing audios of popular formats by modifying their pitch, filters, tempo, playback and other attributes. Last but not least, the Sound Recorder makes it convenient for you to record audio into WAV, OGG, MP3, or WMA formats from any source connected to your PC.

Apart from credible and fantastic functioning, each utility included with Digitope Multimedia Toolkit 1.0 comprises of a bouquet of sophisticated features relating respective functions.

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InTransit v3.0

Friday, June 19th, 2009

The job profile of cab providers often make their lives acrimonious, as they need to reel through various monotonous and time-consuming tasks, such as recording job entries, vehicle, and customer information, to name a few. Because of loads of details involved, manual data recording inflicts hassles while you try managing, or finding details of some specific entries. However, it’s wise to opt for a prompt assistance that would aid you in effective transit record management. Well, if you are finding a good one, then InTransit – Free Transport Software v3.0 is worth giving a try. The program has especially been designed to aid you in transport job booking, vehicle tracking, load optimization, and customer management. The program comprises of two main elements; InTransit Express: free base system, and Optional Bolt-On Modules to help you carry out the supported tasks competently.

To help you prepare and manage transit records, the InTransit application offers two main elements. The first one is InTransit Express: free base system that comprises of various features that let you record and manage the contacts information of your customers or maintenance shop; organize the sales campaigns; identify sales opportunities, generate automated sales tasks, set-up automatic reminders, followed by document approval. Moving to second element, Optional Bolt-On Modules, it adds additional functionality, where you can choose your required extra functions on ‘Pay as You Go’ basis. The functionality of the application goes proficiently, as you can record details regarding each assigned job, vehicle booked for it, along with the information of the customer to keep a track of your work and regular and first time customer effectively. It includes features to set job date, job status, job type, customer’s info, number of vehicles with assigned jobs, drivers carrying out the transit, calendar to check schedules, invoicing, and settings to alter program functioning.

Using the InTransit, it becomes extremely easier for you to track and manage vehicles, job and customer records with convenience.

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