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Access Administrator Pro 5.01

O. James Samson - July 29, 2009

Access Administrator Pro 5.01 is the latest breakthrough in file sharing and access security. This innovative program allows total control of the files that can be accessed, used, and shared in the local directories of a windows based computer.

With Access Administrator Pro 5.01, the user is entitled to deny files to be shared and to be accessed; moreover, select only the files that are publicly open as well as select and hide the valuable and crucial files in the local drives.

Security issues especially in today’s modern world of technological advancements are so complicated and dynamic that is why the brilliant engineers of Access Administrator Pro 5.01 made sure that they created a program that will have total access and control over files and database in local hard drives. In this manner, there will be no security threat like unauthorized viewing of files, copying of sensitive information, and penetrating of database. Full control with Access Administrator Pro 5.01 will ensure the individual or the businesses’ computer systems to be intact and well-distributed, or well-secured, for that matter.

Access Administrator Pro 5.01 has one of the best user interfaces that one can use. It allows simple navigation, and menus and options are not hidden and buried deep into sub-menus. Access Administrator Pro 5.01 allows immediate control, changes and fixes on security options that are available for the user.

Access Administrator Pro 5.01 is available for previous models of Windows up to the latest, from Windows 95 up to Windows XP.

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