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O. James Samson - August 26, 2009

LuckyWire is basically a clone of a popular P2P file sharing application, LimeWire. But even though it’s a clone of the popular file sharing application, it offers distinct features that made the application a recommended application for many users.

The interface of LuckyWire is not difficult to understand especially for those who have used LimeWire a few times. Even the default screen of the application has the same look with LimeWire although the buttons have the Mac-like look. The application also loads like LimeWire as it inform the users of the current action of the application before it is completely loaded.

There are two unique features in LuckyWire that can’t be found in the LimeWire. The first unique feature is the information sharing with other websites. Users can share the information about the downloaded file in FaceBook, LiveJournal or send the data via email. The second unique feature of the application is its ability to connect to as many sources possible. This feature is also available in LimeWire but you have to spend before you can avail this feature. The basic account in LimeWire only limits the number of sources which significantly slows down download of the specific file.

The only downside of LuckyWire is that the application has a very large installation file. The installation file size is 43.77mb for LuckyWire while the latest LimeWire version only has 18mb. But with a decent internet connection, LuckyWire can be downloaded in less than an hour and installed in the local computer in minutes.

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2 Responses to “LuckyWire”

  1. Max Z. Says:

    Luckywire is the best. Thanks for this review. It downloads so much faster than limewire. I love it! =)

  2. registry clean Says:

    luckywire is much better than limewire

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