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Free Video Downloader

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

As the name suggests, the application will help users download videos for free online. The application is geared towards video sharing sites such as The application is very easy to launch since it does not need installation. Free Video Downloader will launch as soon as the files are extracted from the zipped (.zip) file.

The interface of Free Video Downloader is very small. The application starts with a small box that asks users if they want to convert or download videos online. The application continues by asking users to place the specific link on the URL box, ask for the output filename and the destination of the downloaded file. Additional options also allow users to download the high quality version of the video.

An impressive feature of the small application is the auto-conversion tool of the application. The application will download the videos and convert them to the specified format at the same time. The application can even be used as a converter into popular formats. It can also be used to extract audio from and store them as mp3 format. Audio from videos in your hard drive can be extracted by Free Video Downloader.

While the application is relatively small and can launch without any installation, the websites where the application can work is very limited. Free Video Downloader is only useful for and Available file formats are also limited to major file formats. The application lacks conversion for 3GP which should have allowed viewing of videos in mobile phones and other portable media devices.

More info and download available here.

Blue-Cloner 1.10

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

While creating backup for all your DVD movies, you might be dealing with issues related to copying your favorite movie from a Blu-ray discs? Well, here you require some expertise assistance in creating backup of this type of discs, which has been provided to you in form of Blue-Cloner 1.10. The utility functions adeptly to create quality Blu-ray disc backup over your PC hard disk or BD-R/REs. It processes the disc content quickly, and is capable of eliminating non-required movie features. Even, while copying the data, you can make specific selections relating audio track, subtitle, compression rate, and even more. Moreover, the program’s user-friendly interface allows you to easy perform the Blu-ray movie copying task.

With the Blue-Cloner, you can easily create backup of your Blu-ray disc, without compromising over the quality. The interface comprises of first feature that helps you select the DVD, automatically detected by the program. Immediately after the DVD is detected you’d be shown the title, size, etc info over the bar placed below the source drive selections bar. After making the DVD selection, you can set the output directory where you want to save the copied file. When you’re through with the selections, just click large Start button provided over the right side. Pressing Start, the utility shows source movie info, along with ‘Don’t popup again’ and ‘Number of copies’ features to mark/unmark, as required. As the copying event takes place, the activity log is also shown simultaneously. You can either copy your movie to your hard disk or BD-R/REs, as the program also supports carrying out the burning with ease. If you don’t wish to sit in front of the PC while tasks completes, then you can even command the program to shutdown the computer on task completion. Furthermore, you’re allowed to alter configurations to get desired functioning from the program.

Blue-Cloner software allows you to effectively copy the Blu-ray disc movie into another DVD or your PC hard drive, without sacrificing the content quality.

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IE PassView

Monday, August 24th, 2009

IE PassView is a small but very useful utility for IE (Internet Explorer) users. The application allows users to view username and password stored in various websites. It’s a very useful security tool because the software extracts this type of information and knows how these passwords are used in various websites.

The application automatically lists down every username and password you use in the browser. Aside from the security credentials, the application also informs the user how the username and password is applied in a specific website. Some sites will allow you to auto-fill the password while others have mandatory key-in of information.

A distinctive feature of the application is that it detects the storage location of the username and password. This is very important for users since this information will tell them if their username and password is stored in the website and not just in the browser. The application will tell you if the information was placed as credential file (stored in the browser) or in registry (provided in the application). Through this data, you’ll be able to detect which website has your username and password. Users can also export the username and password to their preferred document if they want the information viewed in another format.

The interface of the application is very simple. The size of the application is very small (less than 50k) so installation and use is almost in an instant. The application is a very small and lightweight utility but a useful companion for frequent IE users.

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Home Photo Studio 1.25

Monday, August 24th, 2009

While shuffling through the images of your kid’s first birthday, you must be thinking of pouring in some eye catchy effects on them. Well, the task requires you to log on to the web to grab a handy image editing tool, which could in turn result in wasting a lot of your useful time. However, there is no need to get yourself indulged into this time-taking chore, as you can straightaway try out the all new Home Photo Studio 1.25 application, which comprises of several image editing features to help you through. You can effortlessly learn the functions to view and edit images with features like retouch, color enhancement, red eye removal, blur, and also add various other effects such as lightening, 3D composition, weather effects, etc. Not just editing, but you also can generate slideshows, collages, and postcards, after editing images.

The work console of Home Photo Studio 1.25 has been designed modestly to help you edit your images with different provided effects and tools. You can begin with loading the images from the desired directory using the File Explorer provided over left. The images are queued up at the mid screen, from where you can select any and begin with the editing task. The editing tools integrated relate to color adjustment, blur, add text, reset channels, brightness, contrast, and apply different effects. You can create 3D compositions by loading an image, select 3D composition, apply ready to use glow effects and backgrounds, add illumination for lightning effect, set auto levels, and done. Further, you’re also allowed improving facial features such as decrease nose size, transform lips shape, decrease chin, and remove wrinkles with Blur Tool. Moreover, generating stunning collages, slideshows, postcards, etc is also an easier task with the provided option variety.

Home Photo Studio 1.25 application is a fantastic image editor for novice as well as well-versed users.

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ToDoPilot 1.11

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Are you really fed up of sticking lot many notes around your work desk to help you remember your important meeting, events, appointments, etc? Well, in such a case notepad application doesn’t help much, and even sticking digital notes on your desktop make it look cluttered. Nonetheless, an easier and adept solution is what you need in such a situation, and this time you can have it in the form of ToDoPilot 1.11. Though a small application, it perfectly aids you in recording, organizing and viewing the tasks over your PC. The program features five tabs with different colors, named as Today, This Week, Month, and Year, to lets you record and view activities accordingly. Even, it integrates an extra tab for recording tasks you want to perform someday in future.

The ToDoPilot executes with an attractive screen displaying an overlaid dialog box presenting you with choices to create a new notepad or open an existing notepad. Selecting to create a new notepad, you’d have to name it and save it at the desired location. Now you can begin with adding your tasks within respective tabs by clicking on ‘Add New’ button. While creating new task, you’d have to set the icon, caption, any additional info, period using ‘When’, creation date, and click Ok. With right click over the task, you can toggle completion, clone task, delete ToDo, move to another tab, and open the task. Even, you can easily mark any event as complete by editing or selecting toggle completion. Further, with the ‘Program Options’ you can change the interface appearance, enable colored tabs, program startup settings, system tray options, and select icon set. The utility functions as a good planner to help you schedule your daily activities.

With ToDoPilot software, you can effectively plan your routine tasks not just for a day, but month and even entire year.

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Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro 3.6

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Have you ever downloaded a large number of your favorite flash video files from the web, but then dealt with troubles while playing them using your multimedia player? Even if you install a suitable flash player application, you won’t be able to enjoy viewing them over your multimedia devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Xbox 360, etc. It’s primarily due to the incompatibility of flash format with such devices. Nonetheless, such a difficulty can be dealt with ease by using an effective solution, which comes to you as Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro. The program functions skillfully to perform the SWF flash file conversion from online URL or local file, into known video and audio formats. The output format series goes like AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, followed by MPEG, DV, and MP3. It can even convert SWF file to image file, and even provides SWF downloader for downloading SWF files from web.

Using Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro 3.6 application presents pleasing and attractive console for carrying out the entire conversion process. It offers two modes single and batch, for performing individual or multiple SWF file conversion. The program even integrates an in-built player for previewing the selected SWF files. In Batch Mode, you can add files from folder, grab SWF, from IE cache, from Url, or Flash Projector. You can even capture the snapshots, and even can crop the movie screen size to giver it a suitable visual appearance according to different devices. Further, while cropping the video, it allows you to apply an image watermark over the output video. Finally, you can choose to export the SWF files as Video, Video with alpha, and Image series. You’d require selecting an output format from the provided dropdown list, quality, export location, and choose to rip audio, for deriving the final results. Similarly, you can perform the single SWF video file conversion.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro 3.6 is a convenient solution for converting your SWF videos into other format videos, along with generating audio and images.

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Friday, August 21st, 2009

FTP Jet is a relatively unknown but very powerful FTP client. Now on its 2.0 version, the application has added powerful features to its already impressive abilities. It can even rival some commercial FTP applications since it has adapted to the demands of its users and even offered some more.

The basics of FTP Jet are still there. Users can still enjoy easy download and upload of files in their preferred server. The client is also smart in interacting with the desktop. If you have a powerful PC, you can easily use the FTP client with virtually no lag if you’re using the application for simple uploads and downloads.

The application can easily download or upload files to the server without dominating your computer system. That means you’ll be able to use your computer for other purposes even though you’re actively using FTP Jet. Because the application can work in the background, access of folders within the server is very easy. Additional functions were even added such as folder comparison. This feature will help users easily sync their folders with the server.

The most impressive feature of FTP Jet is its ability to communicate with other servers. Transferring data from one server to another used to be very slow because some FTP clients do not fully support this function. This feature is now optimized in FTP Jet which should be useful for web developers who maintains multiple websites. All these features can be enjoyed in FTP Jet along with a very interesting interface that only eases the application’s operation.

For more info check out here

Dynamic Draw

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Dynamic Draw is an easy to use graphics creator and editor. This application is very ideal for users who wants to create organizational charts or easy to understand workflows. The application is also highly interactive not only within the application but also in other applications because of file compatibility.

The interface of Dynamic Draw is very easy to understand. Anyone who has worked with MS Office can work with Dynamic Draw. The only difference is the left side of the application is populated with shapes that can be easily implemented in the application. But the application interface can be fully customized as the tabs and bars can be removed from the application. These shapes can be immediately resized and edited with text according to user’s preference.

Linking in the application is probably the easiest operation in the application. This was done since the application was specifically made to connect information or the various shapes within the interface. The links user provides also adjusts automatically so that they will be visible even though many links are added in a single box.

Interaction with other applications is possible with Dynamic Draw since the application supports OLE or Object Linking Embedding. Through OLE, users can simply copy the created chart in the application and past them in other applications such as MS Office. The application can also export the chart in various image files such as PNG, BMP or even PSD. It’s a full featured graph editor that can easily work with various applications because of its support for OLE and other image formats.

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Thursday, August 20th, 2009

AcronymGenie is a highly educational and informative application that help users know the exact meaning of the abbreviation. It’s very useful for users who are frequently offline since it provides a very extensive list of abbreviations with its corresponding meanings. Although the acronyms contained in the application is limited to computer terms, it’s still an extensive list as it deals with almost any type of acronym you encounter in computers.

Even though the application contains a very extensive list of abbreviation, the application size is merely 656kb. Since it’s focused only in translating acronyms, it can place the necessary information and functions in less than 1mb.

The application also comes with a relatively powerful search tool. Users who can ask for a direct meaning of the abbreviation or use the “anagram” function wherein the acronym entered by users will be shuffled and matched on the database. Users can also search for “smileys” that can be implemented online. Reverse search or “Expansion” will also allow users to search the specific acronym. The search results can be copied and placed in users preferred document editor.

Because the internet is constantly expanding, there is a concern that the data could no longer become relevant. The application deals with that problem by allowing users to connect to the developer’s database wherein they can update the list of acronyms in the application.

AcronymGenie is a very useful offline tool. It’s lightweight and has a very extensive search tool that allows users to easily search for the specific meaning of the computer acronym.

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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) may not be as popular as it used to but it’s still used by millions everyday worldwide. It’s still a highly efficient form of communication because it’s very easy to install and since it mostly text based, it will not require a lot of resources from its users.

A recommended IRC client is ClicksAndWhistles. It’s a simple application that will allow you to chat in IRC instantly. Installation file is very small (only 1.06mb) which means you can start chatting in IRC in just a few minutes after download. If you’re familiar with an IRC, you’ll really enjoy using ClicksAndWhistles because of its additional features without using additional resources.

Among the features in ClicksAndWhistles is the support for different server connections at the same time. Some users are actually on a different server and old IRC clients can only support a single server. This means you have to disconnect from one server before you can chat to another user. But ClicksAndWhistles removes that restriction by allowing various servers to run at the same time in one client.

Other impressive features of ClicksAndWhistles are the additional function that could be launch by right clicking on the chat window, customization of background with pictures and additional username if you want to be identified as a different user in other chat windows. Along with the standard features and commands that come from a regular IRC client, ClicksAndWhistles can be considered as an upgraded IRC client that offers more features for better chat experience.

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