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Webshots Desktop

O. James Samson - September 24, 2009

webshotsThe interface of the application is a little bit challenging at first. The tabs on top provide an easy link to various tools. However, some of the tabs can be activated when a user registers online. Registration is free but this requirement can easily discourage users from going back and forth from the Webshots website. The options on what users can do with the photos are no different from their official website.

The most useful feature of the application is in its ability to upload photos in your personal account. With the application, you don’t need to go through the various processes just to upload your photos. Sharing the photos is also easier with Webshots since users can control their photos from the application. The application is basically a desktop version.

The best thing about Webshots Desktop is its ability to efficiently connect to the users’ online account. Even with the challenging interface, a few hours of working with the application should give users ideas on how to get the best out of the application. Last but not the least, the application is less than 500k which means the Webshots Desktop can efficiently run in computers even with less processing power and quick download time.

It’s available at

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