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O. James Samson - September 25, 2009

Open Office is the most popular alternative to MS Office application. The application is free with familiar functions from MS Office and should be able to read files of MS Office without any challenges. It’s practically an MS Office without the price as it’s loaded with a lot of document editing features.

For those who are looking for a lighter version of Open Office, the Go-OO should be the perfect alternative. In gist, GO-OO has almost the same features of Open Office but do not require faster processing speed from the computer. This means the Go-OO should be able to start faster compared to the standard Open Office.

Another advantage of Go-OO is its familiar interface. While Open Office requires users to study some of its functions, users of Go-OO will immediately recognize the functions of Go-OO. The interface can be likened to MS Office with a few tweaks when displaying the document.

Aside from the interface, compatibility with other files is no problem with Go-OO. The latest file types of MS Office such as .docx should work without any problem. Legacy WordPerfect files should also be rendered in Go-OO easy and support for Chinese characters is very accurate.

The only downside of Go-OO is that the application cannot work with Open Office already installed in the computer. That means users should uninstall Open Office suite first before installing Go-OO. But if you’re just using Open Office for basic document editing, uninstalling Open Office in favor of Go-OO should be no problem.

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