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Shot-Online – Golf Simulation Game

Ciaran Moore - November 5, 2009

Shot online is an online golf simulation and an immersive role-playing simulation which aims to reproduce the full experience of playing golf in rich 3D graphics. It involves a lot of community interaction and the improvement and leveling of the character you have chosen to be in the game.

While on the subject of community and role-playing, the game includes elements of realism and also rare elements taken from the real-life game of golf. Practicing often and playing with players of differing skill levels will allow you to advance your capabilities. Also quests and the exchange of items add more feel to the community aspect of the game.

The game includes its own physics engine which aims to reproduce the dynamics of a golf course and the physics involved correctly. Watching a game being played out is similar to watching a golf tournament that you would watch on TV. This includes different camera angles and a gallery mode. No matter if you’re playing a game yourself or just watching, Shot Online golf has been made to look and play as close to the real thing is possible.

This is definitely worth checking out for any golf fanatics reading this whether you’re into playing the real thing, can’t afford clubs and fees, or are just plain lazy!

Visit the website here.

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2 Responses to “Shot-Online – Golf Simulation Game”

  1. Shot Online Says:

    I play have been playing Shot Online for a couple of weeks now, it’s fun :D. I took me a while to get the rules (never played golf), since they are using the official pga rule-set.

  2. games Says:

    its really cool game

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