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Notion 3

O. James Samson - November 27, 2009

The first thing that caught my attention when I visited the publisher’s site was the price. At $249 I wanted to know what the publishers have to offer in this software called Notion 3. I wanted to know what is so special that such a price be placed on it.

The first thing I checked was the ease of use. Notion 3 has one of the simplest features that are easy to adapt to. So simple is this software program that you do not really need a pro to teach or help you get used to its features. The way the screen is designed is so beautiful, the intuitive workflow ensures you concentrate all your effort on your music and with this; you do not have to bore yourself learning to do things the hard way.

I discovered that Notion3 is probably the only notation program or software from the ones I have used to have a complete ReWire integration supporting both slave and host options. Notion3 is built to work without any hitch with any third party VSTi libraries and VST effects. This version of the program is also built with digital audio workstations, full MIDI functionality and can save or even import audio files.

Also included in its features are: advanced real-time tempo control that comprises vamps, repeats, score navigation and other very attractive and useful functions that allows you to it like a musical instrument with accompaniment, professional live performances and rehearsal. Though the price may be on the high side for me, I still think that for those who appreciate what a good composition should be, they might not really mind.

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