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Diskeeper 2010 Professional 14.0.896

O. James Samson - November 30, 2009

Diskeeper 2010 professional 14.0.896 automatically defragments your disk for you. It is specially built with features that allow you to schedule and configure it in a way that is suitable for your use. Fragmentation normally occurs during normal windows operation and files are broken up in pieces and saved on different parts of the hard disk. This allows increase in the amount of time it takes to access single files on your computer.

This is one of the best performing programs in its category. I have been using the free version for sometime now and I must attest to the fact that I am very convinced of the performance which in my view is encouraging. The pro version is one step ahead and I know the publisher of this software have done a great job. At $49.50, the PRO version of Diskeeper 2010 is a delightful program.

Diskeeper 2010 Professional 14.0.896 works well on Windows 7 even though it runs a bit small on start up. The Pro version is however limited to a 30 day limit to allow a user try out to see if he should go ahead and purchase it or not.

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