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WinSnap (32-bit) 3.1.4

Friday, November 20th, 2009

A small but wonderful and useful utility that you could use to edit screen shorts. Winsnap (32-bit) 3.1.4 captures windows of non- rectangular form with any background of your choice, performs automatically very simple canvas transformations and coloring effects, add professional smoothing shadows in Photoshop style and much more.

Version 3.1.4 now has an improved windows capture especially when the taskbar is active. I like this because it means that once the taskbar becomes active I get all the captures even while my eyes may be off doing some other things on my system. Also there is an improvement in Clear Aero background in Windows 7 features.

Winsnap v3.1.4 gives you the privilege to simultaneously select and capture multiple objects (e.g. windows, dialogs, buttons and controls). A few windows can be placed on the screen and easily combined into one screenshot image. To select multiple windows or objects, all you need to do is to hold CTRL or SHIFT and you are good to go. You can configure Winsnap (32-bit) 3.1.4 to work with any custom visual styles including modern windows blind 6 skins with rounded corners and per- pixel transparency.

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WindowBlinds 7.0

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Do you feel like changing the present look of your desktop? Do you crave for something that is beautiful and makes your Desktop look different from what you have always known it to be? Then Windows Blinds 7.0 is the software program you need.

Windows Blinds 7.0 is a good program that present you with all the opportunity you need to achieve all the above. Your computer look is changed and you determine the way you want it to look like. You are in charge of customizing your desktop by changing the style of the title bars, buttons and tool bars. All you have to do is to check the relevant boxes by assigning each of them skins or personalities and you can go as far as assign buttons that launches the program tool bars.

The publishers also built it in a way that allows you choose from the four skins that are included in the program and even download some more skins if you feel like. Your control of this program is also extended to the ability to exclude some programs from the Window.

Blinds if you choose to have their appearances remain as they already are.

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Google Chrome for Windows Beta

Friday, November 20th, 2009

I have been using Google Chrome for over a year and I still find it to be one of the most interesting and fast browser around. Since the first time I decided to download and give it a try, I have had no cause to regret it and I doubt if I am going to because it certainly is one of the best browser around.

Google Chrome combines a minimal design with a technology that is advanced and sophisticated to make your surfing experience a delight. Browsing with Google Chrome is safer, faster and quite easier when you begin to compare it with others. When you type in words in the address bar, it gives you suggestions both for search and web pages making it much easier for you to do your job.

Actually I love Firefox and Opera browsers but I don’t look too far each time I want a quick one online. I like the rate at which it opens up pages and the ease and flexibility of accessing all my favorite web pages from new tabs. This version in review is just as good as other versions even though it is still in Beta stage.

Want to check it out? Visit Chrome

AVG Anti-Virus Free 9.0.707a1765

Friday, November 20th, 2009

What AVG Anti-Virus Free has in speed when it comes to scanning, it lacks in other areas like the way it slows down my system because of its size. I find it too heavy even tough it is still one of the best Anti-virus software around. It is just too heavy and I wonder why the publishers have not really done anything about it. The size and the way it slows down systems are issues that have been on the lips of critics for some time now and the story is still the same.

AVG Anti-Virus offers you total security anytime you are on and offline, it also provides you wit a maximum virus protection and allows for customization to sooth your needs, free virus data base updates and technical support. AVG has one of industries most efficient virus data base making it a complete security suite.

AVG Anti-Virus Free 9.0.707a1765 is available free and even though I agree that there are other free anti-virus out there that works just as good and will not slow down your system, I still think AVG even with its size does a lot of work for you when it comes to threats posed by viruses.

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Desk Drive 1.8

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Desk drive adds color to your desktop and makes it a delight to watch. It solves a lot of annoying problems. All you have to do is pop a USB thumb drive or DVD into your system and go ahead to open window explorer to find the mapped drive or folder.

It automatically points to the drive with the desktop icon added by Desk Drive. Effective software when it comes to enhancing your desktop performance. It is silently located at your system tray and configuration is as simple as installation because it gives you the edge when it comes to specifying the type of media to monitor.

This is a handy little piece of software that has made my computing more efficient, it makes me wish such an option was available inbuilt into windows to have such a feature but I am so glad someone came up with it.

One beautiful feature of Desk Drive is that it shows a circular red ring for some seconds every time you add a new device and you can switch it off any time you feel the need to. The choice is yours. This software makes computing much easier and efficient and is one device that will go a long way to meet a lot of needs of those who use computers.

Opinion may differ on the performance of this software but one thing that can not be taking away from Desk Drive 1.8 is the fact that it is a great addition to the performance of your computer.

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RegDoctor 2.15

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Before I installed this program, my computer registry was beginning to give me thoughts for concern. It was beginning to run more slowly than ever before. I love it when my computer registry works at top level and you can imagine how frustrating it is to have to wait longer period to have your system ready for use especially when you boot it.

RegDoctor cleans up your Windows registry and performs a quick and easy repair if the need arises and sooner than you think; your computer is back to the speed it used to be when you first bought it.
It uses an intelligent and high performance detection engine to perfectly identify all missing and invalid references in your Window registry. What it does when it identifies errors is to list them and thereafter rate them according to their risk level using color codes that are easily understandable as information for you.

During installation, RegDoctor 2.15 can be configured to automatically fix and repair every identified problem in your registry and also gives you the option to manually select problems to repair. It also comes with an uninstaller in case you choose to uninstall it from your system.

You can visit the site at

WinRAR (32-bit) 3.91 Beta 1

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

This program has been around for a while and it has won my recognition for its best performance in terms of archiving even tough it is not a free program. WinRAR (32-bit) 3.91 Beta can compete favorably with other software in its category because it does very good work with your files.

WinRAR offers you advanced and well improved compression ratios at a very affordable price. It is so easy to install and use and does not require too much of your time to get around with some of its basic features. It also offers supporting long time files, disk spanning and self extracting file creation to make it worth the buy.

There are other archiving softwares or programs that are brought to you as freeware, but they don’t compare to dependability and performance of WinRAR which like I said earlier has been around for some time and is as good as ever. Some may ague that why pay for a software like WinRAR when you can equally get other software programs that performs the same function; well my view is that this one is in a class of its own. I actually compared it with programs such as: 7z, PAC and the likes of them and I think this one stands out.

Want to give it a try? Why not visit

Web root Spy Sweeper

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

This security software helps you to detect and remove the craziest spy wares from your computer. Some of these spy wares include: Trojan Backdoor-Haxdoor, Elite Key logger, LOP and others. It identifies and acts quickly to eliminate threats from your computer with the use of the new FlexDef Technology.

During the brief period of using Web root Spy Sweeper, I discovered that it is built with sixteen sophisticated smart shields which include ActiveX, Spy Communications Shield and Toolbar. The advanced removal engine removes the toughest spy ware programs in a sweep.

This version comes with newly added user interface which enhances and makes it even better to use. Web root Spy Sweeper is packed with amazing tools and engines as mentioned above to make your online activities safe and secure. Your computer now has an extra resource to help it fight Trojans and all other threats.

Web root Spy Sweeper can also worked with some other great antivirus software because it didn’t give me any problem when I tried it with an antivirus installed on my system. All I gained is an additional protection for my computer.

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Belarc Advisor

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

belarcAll details of your installed softwares and programs as well as hardwares are profiled by this software and presented for you to have a detailed information of how they are performing. This does not preclude Microsoft Hot fixes and the results are displayed in your web browser. The beauty of this is that every of your information are kept private and never compromised and are never sent to any server in the web.

Belarc Advisor does just according to the name that it has. It gathers all your details and helps you to find solutions to any problem that your installed hardwares, softwares and Microsoft fixes have. It does not in any way have any negative influence on your system and does not affect its performance in any way rather it enhances its performance.

Belarc Advisor ensures you do not have to open your computer each time you have to copy an information for instance because it displays them for you. Information about your computer memory, space and others now becomes much easier to get even when you can’t immediately recollect them because they are all within reach within this program.

This software comes to you as a freeware and is limited to one computer and use is prohibited in corporate, military and educational institutions at least not on multiple systems.

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PECompact 3.01.3 Beta

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Pecommpact 3.01.3 Beta allows the use of multiple CODEC plug-ins per compressed modules, compressible resource selections, loader plug-ins and a host of other  wonderful features that are attached to it making it a compactly built Win32 portable Executable compressor which is also well known as an ex packer.

Peccompact 3.01.3 Beta offers LZMA as one of the available Codec’s, and compresses even tighter than any other executable packer on most files. Tested on the Bit sum Technologies and collaborates with antivirus companies to achieve a high level of smooth operation devoid of any interruption during operations.

Perhaps Pecompact 3.01.3 Beta is the only I have seen to support both software and hardware DEP and NET 2003 SHE protection. When you take into consideration the fact that this software is designed with the interest of software publishers alone, then you know that a lot of efforts have been put in place to make it give out great performance.

Though this software would have been more ideal in the era when the use of floppy disc was in vogue, the fact is that one can not but still find it a great piece of software because of its high degree of effectiveness in so many other areas as mentioned above.

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