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Gmail Manager 0.6

O. James Samson - January 27, 2010

Sometimes when you are too busy working on your computer, you need a very good email manager to enable you concentrate on other things. Gmail Manager 0.6 gives you that extra edge you need to get going when it comes to email management. With Gmail Manager, you can have all your Gmail accounts all in one place.

The advantage of using Gmail Manager is the fact that you can receive new email notifications as soon as they get into your box without really having to wait till when you login to your box. Some of the features are: display of account details which includes read and unread messages; saved drafts; spam messages; label with new mails; space already used and new mail snippets.

Users also get to enjoy this freeware application with newly added features like: support for Firefox; better account management with an improved options interface; drag and drop support for the status bar/ toolbar placement and others.

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