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Spybot – Search&Destroy

O. James Samson - January 27, 2010

Spybot–Search & Destroy is a security program that helps your computer fight every threat that comes to it. It detects and removes threats posed by spyware, this is one threat not yet covered by most Antivirus programs. Spybot does its work silently at the background by keeping track of your browsing behavior to create profiles that are in turn transmitted even without your knowledge to advertising companies.

Most times you may discover some toolbars you did not install on your won. This is the work of spyware, and an indication that the security of your computer has been compromised. More spyware are introduced online each passing day, and sometimes you may not see any symptoms of threats. Though Spybot Search and Destroy is a free security program, it is still a good program.

Spybot-Search and Destroy is a bit too slow when scanning your computer. Users whose systems are slow may have to be a bit patient when using it to scan their computers. It is fair enough, but I still think that any user who desires a top notch security for their computers should go for a paid program.

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