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Color Schemer Online

Ciaran Moore - February 19, 2010

A few people are lucky enough to have a naturally good sense of design and color. Present them with a paint color or a fabric swatch and nearly right away they are able to design a room, an outfit, or almost anything else from it. I am in awe of those people. Where they see fuchsia, magenta, rose, cherry, ruby, or other such fancy names for colors, I see red! I need something like Color Schemer Online and maybe you do too.

Using this online tool, all you’ve got to do is choose or input a single color, and it will suggest to you more than a dozen others that will go well with it. You are able to enter your color with RGB values, or you are able to type or paste a hex value, a lot like you might use on a web page. When you get your color suggestions, you’ll be able to then additionally fine-tune it by brightening or dimming your original color and the suggested color scheme colors too. Click any of the suggested hues and you’ll be presented with yet an additional list of colors that would also go well with that. Utilize one of these palettes in your next project and no one will ever know that you’re not a natural at picking color combinations that go well together.

Color Schemer Online is free to use online with nothing to download, although you also have the option of downloading if you should choose to do so. Check it out here

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