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GOM Player

Ciaran Moore - May 18, 2010

GOM Player is a free and open source video and audio player.

There are lots of features that can be utilized from GOM Player. Though some of its features can be found in other media players, like support for multiple video and audio formats, it plays video and audio as good as other quality players.

The user interface is cool, starting with its image icon. When you have GOM Player installed in your computer, all the file formats GOM Player supported will appear with an image icon; their difference are distinguished by its color. Display screen for video is customizable with how you want it to look like; half screen, normal view or full screen. Menus are also easy to locate and access.

It supports a wide variety of video files like MPG, AVI, and MPEG. Also the current version allows you to watch DVD videos through its 5.1 channel audio output. Another amazing feature worth mentioning is its support for multiple codecs. Supported codecs include and are not limited to Xvid, DivX, MP4 and many more. Just in case you’re playing video which is not supported, GOM Player will search the right codec for your video through the Internet (assuming you an Internet connection). The latest feature that is not available in its predecessor is the ability to play AVI files that are broken. Broken means those files that are downloaded but are not finished. Other features that are common but are still worth mentioning are its playlist and also support for subtitles.

GOM Player is a good program for advanced users exploring different codecs available, and also for standard users wanting to watch their favorite movies with a quality free player.

Check it out at Gomlab

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