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Partition Assistant Home Edition

Ciaran Moore - May 19, 2010

Operating system, system files, and installed programs should really be stored separately from important files and back-up data to keep it safe in case your computer ever becomes infected by a computer virus or your system files get corrupted. That’s the reason why it’s recommended you partition your hard drive; to separate those important files and documents from system files so that if you need to format the drive that contains the operating system there’s no need to worry about losing those important files. However, partitioning your hard drive is a cumbersome task especially if you’re not cautious in partitioning and managing your hard drive. If you’re not that confident on managing your drive, you don’t have to worry as Partition Assistant Home Edition will do the job for you.

Disk partitioning and managing is what Partition Assistant does best. It offers lots of features when it comes to partitioning. Its features are divided into 3 groups; first is the basic partitioning, second is the advanced partitioning, third is the additional features. Partition Assistant Home Edition offers fundamental partitioning tasks like create, edit, and delete partition, converting partition’s file system from FAT32 to NTFS, changing drive letters, hide and unhide partitions for safety and other basic partitioning tasks.

Advanced Partitioning tasks also can be performed; Advanced partitioning includes resizing partition to increase disk space. This management task is very important especially for partitions containing the system files to accommodate for programs and applications. Other tasks include merging many partitions to create a larger partition, shrinking partition size, transferring partition to other location, and repartitioning your current partition without thinking of data loss. But before performing advanced features, you must back-up your files first just to make sure in case advanced partitioning failed.

Additional features include support for multiple file formats (NTFS, FAT32), support for multiple hard drive technologies (IDE, SATA) and other external storage (USB, FireWire), support for RAID, and support for large hard drive capacity and number of disks (32).

Though Partition Assistant offers drag and drop functionalities, the user interface in general is not user friendly. Some functionality is not that easy to find, instructions are not clear. But a help file is provided for FAQs and definitions of the tasks offered. Read instructions carefully to understand everything about partitioning.

Partition Assistant Home Edition is a freeware product from Extend-partition

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