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N-Track Studio 6

Ciaran Moore - May 28, 2010

N-track studio is an audio mixing program capable of mixing multiple audio files to create the music you want. It provides a lot of features for mixing audio files, recording, and adding additional audio effects to enhance audio output.

It works a bit complicated compared to other audio mixing software mainly because of the complex features that are included in the program; therefore it is only recommended for users that are more advanced in audio mixing. Novices or beginners can also utilize the program’s features but they must read and fully understand the help files provided.

The program requires minimal hardware specifications; Pentium III or higher processor with frequency of at least 700 MHz, at least 512 MB of RAM and at least 50 MB free hard disk space. A soundcard must also be installed on your computer.

The user interface is very complicated and may npt be understood when you use the program for the first time. There are too many individual sub-windows which make the program difficult to learn especially for beginners.

You can now have your own recording studio right on your computer because you can record MIDI files. Other formats that the program supports are .wav, .mp3, .wma, .cda among others. The program also supports importing and exporting EDL multi tracks files from other multi track programs.

After you recorded the entire song, you can combine them to a single file (wav file) to be used in recording on an audio CD. There are still more features available in the program so it is recommended that you study each of them to utilize the full potential of this software.

This program smoothly as long as your computer hardware and software complies with the minimum requirements.

It offers amazing features for you to get high quality audio output, but is not recommended for basic users and beginners. This is best for advanced users, professionals and expert in audio mixing and recording. If you’re a beginner, you can try the 10 days trial version before considering purchasing the product. If you’re an advanced user, the cost is justifiable with the features the program offers.

You can download and purchase the N-Track Studio at

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