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Project Manager .NET Beta

O. James Samson - May 29, 2010

Project Manager .NET is project management is an easy to use tool that is designed for people who are in dear need less complex tool to help them manage and complete projects. Its function is to help users organize both small and large projects, both for personal and business use. It can as well be described as a Web Host Solution.

Project Manager. NET is simple, effective Project organization. All data is stored in compact data files, which may contain any number of Projects, Subtasks, Milestones, and Tasks. This makes it easy to copy and email to colleagues.

Project Manager allows users to secure the data file and certain functions within the application by supporting User Login and roles. Outlook integration allows Task List to be imported directly to their Outlook Task List, allowing them to work from their or synchronize on a Smart Phone or PDA.

Project Manager. NET has a Project Summary Page that gives users information about the Project such as User Workbook, Tasks completely Recently, Task Overdue or Upcoming, and detailed.

Project Manager. NET Shares Tasks with Outlook 2003. Users can manually import and export Tasks between Project Manager and Outlook, or setup Automatic Synchronization with Outlook.

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