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Ciaran Moore - May 31, 2010

A firewall is an essential tool for protecting your computer from external threats especially from the World Wide Web. However, most users who are using their computers for personal and entertainment use with no confidential data or information probably won’t care too much about the importance of a firewall functionality. Windows operating system has a built in firewall protection, but you’re limited when it comes to configuration. If you’re an advanced user and you’ve got a bunch of confidential files stored on your computer, you’ll need personalized firewall software for better protection.

PrivateFirewall is personal firewall software used to protect your computer from threats coming from the outside that may compromise your data security and privacy. It works similar to the Windows Firewall but with some added functionalities to improve overall computer protection.

The program’s features include the basic functions of a typical firewall protection. It offers packet filtering to check for malicious packets being transferred or received, Internet traffic filtering of packets to monitor packets received from the Internet, IP tracking and secure e-mail protection.

But the highlight among the features is the Application Control Engine, a feature that checks all programs that access the internet like web browsers.

The program also ensures compatibility with Windows built in firewall as it is directly connected to Windows Security System for a better overall protection. You can also choose between 3 types of profile; at home, at work and on road.

Rounding up all the features incorporated is the support for virus and spyware detection and removal, behavioral hacker protection, system anomaly protection and zero-hour malware, spyware and anti-virus protection.

PrivateFirewall could be the software you need to solve your security problems. It can be utilized by both beginners and advanced users as the user-interface is very easy to use. The program contains features for packet filtering and virus protection. You can get all these state of the art features for free as the program is freeware.

You can download PrivateFirewall at Privacyware

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