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Ciaran Moore - June 16, 2010

There are situations where you had a nicely taken picture, with all the wonderful smiles of you and your family or friends. Everything is perfect except for unnecessary views that distract the whole picture; a passing stranger on the back might be accidentally caught or a garbage bin right beside you. Before thinking of cutting the picture and scanning it again, there’s a program that can remove unnecessary portions of your picture and retain the most important part.

PhotoWipe is a program for removing or cleaning your pictures from unnecessary views or objects found in your favorite or precious photos. This software does only what it does best; remove unnecessary portions of your pictures.

The program only performs simple functions so it does not require any sophisticated hardware and software to perform better. Pentium III or higher processor, 256MB RAM and 10MB free disk space are enough to run the program to its full potential.

Simple but comprehensive, that’s how to describe the graphical user interface of the program. The workspace for editing images is very large and a smaller navigation window is provided to have a view on what part of the original image you are editing. The interface makes the program is very easy to use.

As mentioned, the program only performs what it does best and that is to remove unwanted portions of your favorite pictures. After you open the image, you are now ready to erase whatever portion you wanted to by using the eraser tool that’s included in the program. You’ve got plenty of brushes to choose from when you erase; dot (in different sizes), box, polygon and curves.

It also provides a real time view of the result of the edit. The edited portion can be viewed with a facsimile of the exact result of the erasure process. However, the result may differ depending on the size of the deleted portion etc.

PhotoWipe is the software you need to get rid of those unnecessary portions of your most treasured pictures. No matter what type of user you are; advanced or beginner, you can utilize the program’s full benefits. In addition you can have these at no cost at all as the program is free to use!

You can download PhotoWipe and see some amazing examples here

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