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Winamp Lite

Ciaran Moore - June 17, 2010

Listening to music and watching video is probably the most relaxing thing to do after long hours of doing your computer tasks. For a better music and video playing experience, you need a multimedia player that can give you the best quality audio and video output without causing your computer to slow down. There are too many multimedia players to choose from; both commercial and open-source software. Even your computer alone already has a built in media player (when you’re using Windows). But just in case you’re undecided on which among the numerous media player to install, why not give Winamp Lite a try.

Winamp Lite is multimedia software capable of playing selected audio and video file formats. This is the latest software version released by Winamp; lighter and smaller so downloading the program and installing it are definitely not a burden. There is lots of new from this latest multimedia player and these will be discussed in this review.

As mentioned, the program is very light so downloading it from the Internet is very convenient and does not take too much time. The program also requires only minimum hardware requirements; a Pentium III processor, 10 MB disk space, and 512 MB RAM will do.

The program runs only on Windows so you need to have Windows OS (98 or later versions). The audio driver of your computer must also be correct and updated.

First is the user-interface. The program’s graphical user interface is probably not user friendly for novices who are into using Windows Media player. But for the music savvy, understanding the program’s interface is very easy.

The program offers very useful features for all types of users. First is the file format support. This player supports multiple audio file formats including MP3, WMA and AAC audio files.It contains more control than any other media player and these include equalizer, volume, balance, repeat, playlist etc. these tools are very useful in adjusting the output of the player.

Other features include track information to know basic info about the media being played, creating a new playlist of your favorite songs and saving this list to play later, create and save a predefined equalizer setting for a particular song so you don’t need to adjust the output everytime you play that song. There’s still more features you will encounter if you explore the program in its entirety. After you read this review, you might wanna download and install the program right away for a cool music listening experience.

Winamp Lite is a free and available for free download at

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