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SoftMaker Office

Ciaran Moore - June 24, 2010

While most word processing and other productivity suite users use the likes of Microsoft Office, there is another office productivity suite that has been in the market providing quality services in terms of office productivity for more than 20 years. Well for novice and advanced users who wants an alternative for the popular but costly MS Office Suite that offers the same quality but with a lower cost, then try SoftMaker Office productivity suite.

SoftMaker is a lightweight application that offers user a good alternative to Microsoft Office Suite. Though it offers less features and tools compared to the leader, it still guarantee user’s satisfaction when it comes to providing quality output; be it a document or a spreadsheet containing data for your business.

The programs interface is lot simpler than MS Office, but this simplicity is enough for users to utilize the program to its full potential.

It has 2 main components; a word processing component called “TextMaker” and a spreadsheet component called “PlanMaker”. Though both look simple, using the program will give you a similar experience to working with a high level productivity suite.

TextMaker provides basic features and tools for creating and editing documents, creating letters and memorandums and a combination of both text and objects or images. Basic tools like Format character, paragraph, page set-up, inserting tables, objects and many more are still present. Though it doesn’t have advanced features like creating watermarks or creating digital signatures, the program also got unique features like calculation (performs trigonometric and statistical functions) and inserting OLE objects.

Next is the PlanMaker which is the equivalent of MS Excel. It also offers basic tools for creating and editing spreadsheet documents, creating graphs and using formula for statistical tasks. There’s a slight difference in the environment as the default sheet for this program is only one as compared to its Excel that has three. The highlighting of cells is also cumbersome because it doesn’t highlight the cell; instead a red border is seen as the indicator that those particular cells are selected.

If you have your previous works created and saved as .doc or .xls formats, you don’t need any converter as the program is compatible with all versions of MS Office from 97 to 2003.

SoftMaker is a good office productivity alternative to Microsoft Office Suite. The program does not contain any complicated and unnecessary tasks at all; all features are fully useful and utilizable. Moreover, you can have all these benefits free of charge. So what are you waiting for, download SoftMaker office productivity suite and experience a new environment in creating your documents and spreadsheets.

Download SoftMaker at

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