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bitTerGrape 0.01.12

O. James Samson - July 26, 2010

bitTerGrape is a tool designed to allow hard drive stored data checking in a lot of ways and consequently preventing their damage and or loss due to hardware failure. Based on randomly selected access and reading, this solution is by far compromising in comparison with full disk scans but more effective and useful.

Looking further, users can set few parameters affecting performance and region of interest. bitTerGrape is often up-dated to keep minimal requirements and maximal performance, which makes it useful to browse websites every quarter minimally. It is a freeware which can be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes only. It can not be sold or modified.

This utility is best suited for systems that contains a lot of unused files, created system lifetime and new left behind. This data may be not only secret but hard to find and therefore is not enough time or experience to select them. This utility best suits such situation because it can search for data like the ones mentioned and then remove them on the authority of the user.

The utility is designed for mass file attributes changes, making use of standard Windows graphic user interface to select group files and make changes.

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