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ArtistScope DRM 1.4

Tilgore Kraut - July 30, 2010

Every organization has some important and vital files and documents that are required to be kept confidential from the general public and even close allies. Specially, in case such documents and files are available online and can be easily hacked by experts, even if they are password protected. Any leak can prove to be detrimental to the organization and its processes. Especially in the professions of Law and financial audits, it becomes immensely significant and imperative to form a protective shield to save them from any malevolent intentions. ArtistScope DRM 1.4 is a document protection application with certain enhanced tools that provides total control to the user and keeps the desired files completely safe.

ArtistScope DRM 1.4 opens with a neatly arranged interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the main screen displaying the documents list. The software is perfectly capable of protecting imagery and web pages wherein different permissions are assigned to specific groups. These rights, when assigned become specifically for the users as defined and hence any copies of such documents cannot be accessed by them. Tokens and certificates cannot be forged in this way and the system is checked thoroughly for access rights. The protected documents can be password encrypted and limited in terms of access by users and even systems and further document conversion and distribution can be managed online easily. The user can assign administrators and other special users to update the permissions and even suspend the document availability at any time. This enhanced utility facilitates total control in document management and encryption and certainly proves to be a practical solution for all.

To sum up, ArtistScope DRM comes across as a useful and constructive application for document management and shielding.

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