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Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (32-bit) 7.0.3 (3392.517.1242)

O. James Samson - August 30, 2010

Agnitum Outpost is the first personal firewall is a program that supports plug-ins. This personal firewall also comes with some sample plug-ins to show how users can deploy this software to good use. The program can be deployed into such task like: blocking of advertisements, content filtering, E-mail Guard, and privacy control. It also basically supports most features majority of the personal firewalls in the market have. It is one of the most effective firewall applications around, and also features some latest security features like Stealth Mode, MD5 Authentication, and Anti-Leak.

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro is a two way firewall that can stop some potentially dangerous access intrusion into your computer. The program has the ability to stop the further spread of malware, providing protection against hackers, and unauthorized access to your computer. Users can also benefit from added feature that lets them safely surf the web without the fear of being attacked by hackers. Users can also benefit from a new feature that allows for data filtering optimization.

The program comes with a 30 day trial period for those who want to try it out before making up their minds on whether to go ahead and buy it. The program goes for $39.95 per download. Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro is worth the price placed on it; at least your system will get enough security backup while surfing the net.

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