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Tilgore Kraut - September 17, 2010

Knights and dungeons were the premises of several fairy tales and comic books which as children we used to read in amazement and excitement. Several movies and games have been made out of these tales premising on medieval kings and gladiators with sword fighters and fire breathing dragons. Kings and stories of their wondrous kingdoms replete with multifaceted wizards and witches hike up the entertainment and fun value of the game or movie as these created with numerous spectacular looking special effects and multiple fantasy locations and creatures that make it a visual treat. A similarly premised game called Styrateg 1.05 has been developed to cater to such audiences and is an integrated mixture of action, adventure and excitement.

Styrateg consists of a vivid looking animated interface with vibrant hues and chief options placed at the right pane in the form of colorful icons and symbols. The screen displays the scenes of countryside and kings traveling and encountering vicious creatures and enemies. The story revolves around the kingdoms of ancient kings and includes unleashing of enemies and challengers that come from unknown places to spread disease across the place and dissipate all over disturbing the peace of the kingdom that forces the king to order his henchmen for destroying them all from the root. The kingdom have varied sorcerers and wizards with hidden knowledge and exploiting the braveness of the nobles and knights. The user will be transported to a magical world of fantasy and adventurous quests which will lead to deep forests, frozen lands and deep seas to unlock the mysteries from the codes buried in battlefields, ancient monasteries and villages.

To sum up, Styrateg 1.05 definitely comes across as an efficient application that provides ample opportunities for the user to have exciting escapades and journeys.

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