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iTunes for Windows

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

iTunes application for Windows lets you create your personal digital music library. You can manage and play your music collection with the drag-and-drop feature added to it. It has the capacity to contain thousands of songs, and automatically synchronizes with the new iPod at a very fast speed over FireWire.

Another of its many features is that it allows you to generate a dynamic smart playlists that suits your taste or preferences. It is also possible to create CDs that playback both at home and in your car. This version for Windows also adds the ability to share music among your Macs, play and encode AAC files, and view album art.

The publishers have shaved about 20 megabyte off the last version, which makes it a bit lighter than the previous version. However, iTunes for Windows does not allow for ripping of CDs with AAC encoder and high efficiency at any rate higher than 80 kbps. Apple still has a lot of work to carry out on this and other areas to give optimum satisfaction to its users. It is not yet a done job for the publishers, especially if they want to maintain their popularity and rating.

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RIOT – Radical Image Optimization Tool 0.4.2

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Riot-Radical Image Optimization Tool is a freeware program that is gradually coming up with a lot of great features to meet the needs of its teeming users. Riot Radical Image Optimization Tool is designed to help optimize images for Web. The program has features that will help you save images for web/email/other media with the best compressions ratio. That is why this program is timely because of its ability to address issues like the ones mentioned. Users can also rename this program as “save for web.”

However, there are certain changes made to this version by its publishers. Some of which include; an improvement in PNG loading (added support for binary transparency in all bit depths), fixing of ICO transparency handling, update of libraries to LibPNG 1.4.3 openEXR, re-factored resize function, fixed a bug with applying properly the settings using the keywords, and many more.

The fact that it also comes with a batch conversion makes it much fascinating and better. Another thing is that it is quite easy to understand; and users who are not too familiar with some of its features can easily become familiar with them in very short time. It is still coming up, and it is definitely going to improve as time goes on.

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Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

ImgBurn is freeware application that has features that enable you burn CD/DVD images with a lot ease. It comes with support for a vast majority of the latest drivers like; booktype/bitsetting on many of the major ones. For the experienced user, the program has an advanced functionality that is located at the context menus. ImgBurn tool is not only free, but has a lot of newly added features to ease your approach to CD/DVD burning.

Some of the newly introduced features and bug fixes include: addition of built in support for ‘ATAPI iHBS’ drives for the auto booktype/advanced settings stuff; addition of option within the installer to manipulate the registry key/GPO to do with allowing access to drives within a remote session; addition of new icons in Vista/7 style (instead of the now dated XP look); addition of support for reading the layer break position from the image file descriptor within Nero image file; addition of workaround for a firmware bug in the ‘Read Track Information’ command on the Asus DVD-E616P drive; and many more.

ImgBurn has annoying toolbar installation that gives you no chance to say no to installation; it just goes ahead to install itself before you get to say yes or no. This is the only minus I observed about this freeware program. However, it still remains one of the best programs around.

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priPrinter Professional Edition Beta

Monday, September 6th, 2010

This application enables users to print from any application that has printer support, preview and inspect pages in many ways before printing. priPrinter is a virtual printer and previewer that also supports remove of unnecessary texts, graphics and empty spaces. Users can also create booklets and posters, print multiple pages onto a single paper sheet, rearrange, drag and rescale pages. Apart from all these, it is absolutely possible for users to measure graphics on the page, check used bitmaps, and search for some particular texts. Users who feel like can also embed texts and watermarks into pages.

Some of its latest changes include: some minor optimizations related to document loading and printing; 3D window performs rendering in a separate thread and now should produce faster smoother animations; page list window now works in separate thread and should not slow down entire print preview experience; ability to make rectangular selection was also added by the publishers among other new additions.

priPrinter Professional Edition is not a freeware program, and users who like it can go for it at $39.20 per download. The price is not on the high side, and is fair enough for all those who appreciate some of the features of a program like this one.

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phpMyAdmin 3.3.6

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

phpMyAdmin is an application specifically written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. The tool has a current capacity to create and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add field, manage keys on fields, and execute any SQL statement over the internet or World Wide Web. The application supports a wide range of operations with MySQL. Interestingly, the most commonly used features are comes are supported by the user interface.

Some of the features of phpMyAdmin include: browse and drop databases, tables, views, fields, and indexes; import data from CSV and SQL; Spreadsheet, Word, Excel, and others; creating complex queries using Query by example (QBE); transforming any stored data into any format with the sue of any predefined functions like displaying BLOB-data as image or download-link; intuitive web interface; support for most MySQL; maintenance server, databases and tables, views, fields and indexes among others quality features.

Despite being an open source application, phpMyAdmin 3.3.6 has been a program of choice for many users over the years. It has always been a program with stable and flexible code base; apart from being one of the most wonderful tools for system admin.

The program features in more than sixty different world languages, and comes with support for both LTR and RTL languages as well.

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KOffice 2.2.2

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

KOffice 2.2.2 is well-packaged software that can stand its own anywhere. The suite includes productivity applications like; KWord, KSpread, KPresenter, Kexi, Kivio, Karbon14, Krita, KChart, KFormula, Kugar, and KPlato. KWord is basically an intuitive word processor application with desktop publishing features (users can create very informative and attractive documents without any difficulty). KSpread is also a full featured spreadsheet application; users can as well use it to create spreadsheets with formulas and charts, helping them to organize and calculate their data. Basically too, the KPresenter is a very easy to use presentation application; users can impress their audiences with beautiful slides containing images, videos, animations, and many more.

KOffice is an open source application, and is in fact open for anyone without any limitation. The other features not really explained above are useful for many different reasons. Krita for instance is good for painting and image editing, Kivio for flowcharting and diagramming, KPlato for project planning, and of course the Kexi for integrated data management. The features are highly planned and can be found very useful and maybe easy to use for many average users.

This particular release did not come with any particular new features, but the publishers have been able to fix some minor bugs noticed in previous versions.

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Free Download Manager 3.5 RC Build 928

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Free Download Manager is a wonderful freeware program that lets you download some files over the internet at very high speed. The application may not have all the features and qualities of the popular Internet Download Manager, but it is sure going places. Actually there are a couple of other equally good freeware programs out there, but this one competes favorably with most of them. It comes in two different versions; the Free Download Manager 3.0 build, which is about 6.4 MB, and the Lite version, with a size of 2.1 MB. The Lite version lacks all the features contained in the larger version, but is still capable of downloading at a fast speed.

The application allows you to download files at high speed from any remote server via the HTTP, HTTPS and the FTP. Some of the new features in this version include; download button for Firefox, a Cosmetic interface improvement, an improvement in the downloading of flash video, improved algorithm of creating a new section, automatic detection of UTF-8 encoded names of files, and many more.

However, users who may prefer to install the lite version of Free Download Manager can also download some plugins. These plugins include; Video Conversion plugin, Languages pack, Uploads pack, and the Bittorrent plugin.

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Halite 0.3.3 Build 1205

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Halite 0.3.3 Build 1205 Development is perhaps another of the very few wonderful BitTorrent clients available on the web. It is based on the excellent Libtorrent library published by Rasterbar Software. The program features a remote control that puts on the driving seat; enabling you to take control and monitor the program through a mobile phone.

The features are quite outstanding, and there are many of them for any user to have a feel of what the program has to offer. Some of these features include: file selection, including file priority specification; super seeding; protocol encryption support; ability to edit trackers specified in the torrent; ability to create torrent files; shutdown scheduler; login support for loggers who want it; Internet Protocol filtering with eMule style IPlifter; Disk cache support; managed torrent queue system; among many more features.

There are not actually too many 64bit torrent clients out there, which is why this one stands out. I personally love this program, and I even if I think there are other of such programs out there, I really have some confidence in this one.

The license is an open source one, and is available for all. The features are thrilling not only to me, but I believe other users would equally find the features thrilling too.

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